Friday, February 16, 2007

Older men and young chicks

This morning switched on IKIM dot FM. The topic for the day is Female University Students now go for men between forty and fifty. Reason, financial stability and of course maturity. Well that is the trend nowadays.

One man called from Shah Alam- UITM suddenly came to mind, said that it's true . The male students in universities are immature and they should realise this and change and to Take it as challenge. Another man from Kelantan called and said women should look for pious men rather than financial stability. Another man from UPM called, said he agreed with the man from Kelantan, and this disturbing trend has increased divorce rate. Another man called said that there are more female students than male, that is why. Finally, a woman called and said, female students should seek someone of their age and strive to be independent instead of choosing an easy life.

I can see why they want older, rich, suave men. Tak payah susah susah. Live the life of tai tai. Who doesn't want that. But in pursuit of that, do you honestly want to be saddled with an old wrinkled husband, say in ten to twenty years from now. OKlah kalau kaya of course you could hire a nurse to take care of him while you go shopping. Mmm come to think of it ok jugak. Rather than spending your life together struggling then suddenly when he's successful, you're replaced with a nubile young chick . But you know, if he can do it once, he can do it again. Like once, a man brought his girlfriend to see my dad, wanted to make her his second wife and wanted my dad's opinion.

My dad looked at the girl and said.. Are you sure you want to go through this. Taking second wife is probably harder than taking a third and forth later. He has got a point.

I know someone who, in her twenties, married a forty something foreigner. Ye lah an older, suave mat salleh. Married him, than ten years later, still young, ditched her husband to run off with a lawyer.

I also know two men, who after taking two wives, felt the pressure of coping with two families, two set of in laws and in the end spend hari raya alone.

I also know of a few who after taking a second wife, remarried the first.