Monday, February 12, 2007

Matchstick for the eyes

I am so very sleepy. Is it because I slept late last night or because solah tired due to activities during the weekend or because of the reflexology thingy in my shoes.

Might be because I slept late, usually by 9.30 I'm sound asleep but I've slept late before but never felt this sleepy. May be because of the unusually active weekend. ( mm active? well unusual may be)


Made toasted sardine sandwiches for breakfast. Light breakfast as planned to go to Putrajaya for an uncle's wedding (pangkat aje). His grandmother used to live behind my great grandma's house in Linggi. He lost his mom 10 years ago, later his great grandma. We rarely see his family ( 2 sisters and a father) since. As his father is from Selangor- now that there he has no sedara in Linggi, we rarely see him, plus my great grandma now stays with my mum, we rarely go back.

The operative word is planned. As Dh cleaned the aquarium and then this and that, left the house around 1 , 1 hour later than planned and went to Alamanda for wedding pressie, (DH and others stayed in the car while I went searching.). We wanted to go early as we were supposed to join BIL Epi at Berjaya Times Square for a swim and later to Cosmo world. Then found out we were early, As BIL planned to check in at three. We headed to Toys r us instead. Parking space was difficult to YCP? Usually we're able to park right in front of the store. Apparently there was a convocation at the hotel.

Pi Toyrus ni mmglah best. Bukan aje kids go crazy, mummies, well at least moi, was fascinated by the things they sell there. Especially crafts. Kit for making jewellery, friendship bands, knits, blow pens ( come to think of it same effect as sprayng with a toothbrush), scrap book kits. In the end bought a scrap book kit for kakak, blow pens for adik, Princess Genevieve of the 12 dancing princess for Qisty and an adapter for the V smile console. I bought reflexology thingy from the stall outside toys r us. Qisty when asked what she wanted ~pointed at the playhouse she was playing in. 1k+++ sorrylah sayang.. well past mama's budget. Dh bought pressie for jojo.

Went back to mum's ~had goreng pisang.. Should not have taken this and an hour later went to BTS. Macit!!! traffic Jam everywhere. Parking susah lagi. Met Shila at the pool. While bebudak took a dip, Shila, Nadine and I went down. I of course went to Borders for my usual victorian mystery novels. Bought 2 mysteries, a book on how to draw flowers and a book on crafts. I really love Borders, Especially the crafts kits .. for children mind you.. tapi expensive. Could stay there for ages.

Went back to Shila's room. Had dinner. Began to have migraine. Went back to Ampang. Promised her that we'd join them tomorrow at Cosmo world.

I have been getting migraine like 3 days in a week now and almost every week. Friday had a severe one- shelved my plan for exercise. Must have been the ice lemon tea from MC D plus panas masa lunch.


Cooked sambal for nasi lemak. Dad and Mum wanted the kids to go with them to Book Show. Told mum we wouldn't be able to join her. Dad went to Maybank's golf tournament. We went to Cosmo world.

Sampai aje, bought tickets. The tickets are now priced according to height. Qisty pun kena charged. BIL took care of the kids while Nadine, shila , DH and I headed for adult rides. To be continued...


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