Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Long weekend. Photos will be downloaded later


A working day. Came back around 5.30. Maid already gone to Pahang. Anticipating long weekend with no new books to read ( well actually I still have one from Borders) and shops will be closed for Chinese New Year, planned to go yo Pay less book store. Also wanted to eat Nando's for dinner. DH suggested Mines, ada Nandos's no pay less. Summit, no Nando's ada Payless. In the end went to S P, where ada nando's and Carrefour ada Payless. Bought Death at Epson Down by Robin Paige for 7 ringgit. New lagi. I bought another title Death at Whitechapel for RM27 at Borders the other day.


Planned with Mak M and dad to go to Uncle R's land in Bukit Cherakah. Mak M suggested that we have a picnic there. She'd cooked nasi lemak, while I bring Desert and sambal sotong. Planned to go at 10. Called Mak M in t he morning, and she said to come to her house at 9.30. Panicked!! Woke the children up, went downstairs to cook jelly and sambal sotong. Kecohs, while in the car called Mak M. Decided to meet somewhere at Bukit Jelutong tol as it was nearer to us, rather than go to Damansara and patah balik to Bukit Jelutong. Called Dad to meet us there.

REached there around 11. Laid down the food and apa lagi...HUngry. Even Qisty finished her nasi lemak with anchovies. The view was nice. Even though the sun was high- yelah tengah hari but it was windy, and there were lots of fruit trees therefore shady. Best betul. Oxygen so pure. Kalau ada hammock mmg tidur. Uncle R's land was 5000 ft above the sea level. After brunch we climbed up to the top. The view was breathtaking, we could see port Klang, Shah ALam. Even 3+ year old Qisty climbed up ---- with high heels mind you. I had visualise a country picnic, and my kids were wearing dresses-What was I thinking- Ingat England ke apa? Hahaha.
But the land was cleared. Tak ada lalang or weeds pun.

Next we went to see my land. Pusing2 as there was no direct access road. It is still semak of course. But we got to the land next to it where Irman lost his bracelet. Qisty went as well, it was really hot at that time and the land next to mine was cleared, orang curi tanah. Dad and Mak M wants us to have the land surveyed and plant fruit trees. After what uncle R did to his land, semangat berkobar2 lah. My dream is to have organic fruit trees plant there and vegetables if possible, though that would take hard work. I wish I could just stay there and farm. Make my own soap and skincare with organic herbs and flowers grown there.

Went back home, rest- packed our bags and off to Kluang.

Reached Kluang around 11pm. House quiet. Apparently Sis In Laws, Parent IL went to JB to see BILs. We went to the pasar Malam. Wow, Kluangites are so rajin, hardworking. The Pasar Malam closed at 12. Bought Banana Chips and Mermaidia ( RM 10) towel for Qisty.

MIL's birthday!! Happy Birthday mak. MIL cooked laksa Johor, DH cooked Barbecue, The kids made birthday cake and jellies for MIL.

Went back to Sepang around 12. Reached Sepang around 4, as DH took the Linggi exit, Passed kampung Linggi. Stopped at Mamak's. The kids had roti canai.


MC. Qisty had fever. Managed to finish both White chapel and Epsom Down. Best. My current favourite authors. What I love about these series was how it combined historical figures and fiction. Whitechapel mystery was about the Ripper, Winston churchill and Prince Eddy and one of the conspiracies. Epsom Downs is on horse racing, favourite British past time during 1880's and the famous Lillie langtry.
Authors web page

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