Friday, February 09, 2007

Flower Power

27 January

Photo 1 girls at Cheetahlicious party.

I actually wrote a blog on this last week but don't know why, first cannot post photos, then the whole blog tak ada. Grr anyway ..., after a while ..dah habis steam dah.

Went to the floral Parade on the 3rd February. DH didn't want to go, he had to go send his car to the mechanics, buat apa tengok floral parade ni, tapi minah bunga nak pi jugak. I said then I'd take the maid and go by ERL and then the bus, sebab some parts of the road will be closed and I don't have to search for parking space. But then he said he'd go with us after all, I were to pick him up at the mechanics and we'd go with my car. Ting tong ting tong.. dah 11 o'clock, parade pun dah habis.. so pi tengok static flower parade ajelah. Went to the mechanics, the car would be ready by half an hour, so the kids and I were to take the ERL and he'll meet us there. Marah jugaklah, could have told us before we set out of the house since the station is near the house. Got at the station, missed the train.. Grr.. And the shortest way from parking to the station had to be paved with apakebende stoneslahkan and no ramp for the push chair. Waited for the train.
Sampai Putrajaya. Dh still not there. Waited again. Adik put chewing gum on kakak's hair, lagilah buat mama dia geram. Qisty slept, oklah kalau tak nak melayan dia lagi. Luckily brought the Australian Women's day magazine that I got a stackful from Mak U. Anyway, kakak got thirsty. Let me tell you, punya canggih the station, there is no shop whatsoever. Ada one vending machine which is n'est pas ` not working. Tired of waiting, took a cab to Alamanda, at least can window shop. DH called while in the taxi. Apparently ada miscommunication. He thot we'd be at the parade thingy...

Tickets for the flower fest was RM2 for adults and 1 for kids. Bayar 5 ringgit, only kakak was charged. DH grumbled. To me it's ok. Lupa bawak proper camera, so used my handphone instead. Penang's float was the best, butterflies, praying mantis, huge flowers. Next I like the Sabah float with Iguana.

Lost DH again. He went to the next tent, which I missed. The tent was filled with vendors selling orchids..cantik..I love the catellyas. There were stalls selling plants- herbs like misai kucing, tongkat Ali, vegetables and more flowers. There were three stalls selling handmade soap. Mmm competition. Interviewed them. Two used cold process, and one definitely I would not buy anymore as they used paraben. One used hot process and claimed to be orghanic. I asked them whether they used organic ingredients. Yelah organic essential oil may be susah sikit but at least the main ingredient- the oil has to be organic. Tak pun.. then why use the word organic if none of the ingredients are organic. But at least they used essential oil as preservative- not paraben.
3rd Feb
Saturday, terpleot in the house. Made laksa Johor. Thot of going swimming with Epi and family and then to Bagan Lalang, but BIL was busy cutting people.
4th Feb
Kakak made muffin. Planned to go swimming at round 4 at the new Cyberjaya Community Pool. Fried pisang and a bit of fish coated with breadcrumbs and french fries. Can proudly acknowledge that the banana came from our tree. Yeah.. the only thing that is bearing fruit nowadays. Must cut down the ciku tree, which is not bearing anything. At least we tasted the carambola aka starfruit and the soursop.
The pool small, but any tom dick and harry could go in without proper attire. When we reached there, there weren't many people around. Kids enjoyed it. I would have swum if I could. DH and BIL Epi, played tennis.
After maghrib, we went, along with my sister and family to Bagan Lalang for seafood fest. Best betul but the kids were tired. I personally prefer going on Saturday than sunday as the kids have to go to school the next day. Food was delicious, hard to keep away cockles and squids which I love but since using Zai's formula, and since being told that cockles are like filter for the ocean and that squid cause the red pimple like spots on the face, I stayed away from them. True enough after abstaining from them.. no red spots.
Exercise-wise, ever since getting infection I haven't been exercising. Must restart again today!!

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