Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cosmo world cont..

First ride of the day ~ Ooort's express. Looks like a top. I had to put my bag in a locker, shila had to go somewhere, so by the time I went there Nadine sat with DH and I sat alone. At first it went round slowly, then gained speed. DH held on to his glasses. Suddenly I got the giggling fit. You should see him holding fast to his glasses. Hahaha. And he actually bought the photo.

Next ride the DNA Mixer. Looked very harmless- rows of chair - nothing out of ordinary. HAH! not ordinary. The cement mixer- imagine that motion- that was how it went. The fact that the operator of the machine insisted that we should take our glasses and slippers off should warn us.. but we went ahead any way. We were moved round and round upside down, then reverse- very like the cement mixer. Shouted till hoarse, prayed that the buckles or whatever's holding us will not go off. Before that ride, we felt that the thing that held us down was too tight, and joked that big people may not be able to go on it. We were glad that it was tight. I went out of the ride like someone in a drunken stupor.

Next we wanted to go on the Spinning orbit, but then there were no takers. Shila said she'd switch place with Epi. DH had to go to the restroom. Nadine and I waited. After a while, nobody showed up, so we went on the Dizzy Lizzy. ( Photo 1) I Thot, well, I had the horrendous ride before~ what could be worse. Ii was milder but, if I had it before DNA mixer I probably enjoyed it.

As Nadine didn't want to go on the Space Attack, it looking suspiciously like the Mixer- the part where at a point you'd be upside down, we headed to the Kid's section and saw Shila, Epi and the kids on the Botanic Drive. The kids then went on the Molly Coof's swing. Shila and Epi then had to go check out, so I took the kids to the honey bump, children's bumper car, and later on Buddy Go round- Carousel like ride. The kids had of course to ride on the spinning bowl. Moi joined in as well. And suddenly felt dizzy, nauseous and had a splitting headache. Closed my eyes as couldn't stand it and when I opened my eyes felt like everything was in slow motion. Panicked as I thot I'd black out - asked nadine if we were stopping . HEHEHE, rupanya merry go round slowing down.

Nasib baik next the kids pi play ground while I nursed myself. DH went back and forth to the Adult rides to play what he missed. He enjoyed it.

Now. What do you thing brought about nauseousness, dizzines, headache..etc. Am I too old for these rides. I used to love rollercoasters. Went to Alton Towers about 3-4 times, summer , winter, autumn,. The great American Adventure, in London twice.. always go for the toughest ride there was. Then while in Nottingham with Shila went to another , can't remember it now. Must be the nasi lemak!! HAhaha..

Anyway, after DH and Epi and the kids had their turns on bumper cars ,we had lunch at the pool. Thank you shila for spending the weekend with us!!

Went to buy french bread and steak sauce at Cold Storage .Then headed back to Ampang for the Bro Amy's Barbecue Birthday Bash.

Sampai semua marah as I was late. But then, the men went off. Oi!! They were supposed to light the barbecue thingy. DH went off to find fire starter and ingredients for the steak sauce- sis Ida insisted that I make the staeak sauce, didn't want the store bought sauce. Bro amy had to pick sil at the golf tournament. Bro Iji had to pick some documents. So sis's BIL Ad*m and I had to light the fire- with disasterous result. Later on BIL H came back and finally got the fire going.

Barbecue went ok Food delish. Came back to Sepang exhausted.