Monday, January 15, 2007

Up date from DEC 9 to Hari raya haji

9th Dec

The morning after.. After Hongkong that is. Woke up late, ponek kan, siap2kan budak2 and rush to Muar for SIL, Yati's bertandang. Tapi jalannya from Nilai to Seremban took two hours- jam!!. And DH took one hour and half from Seremban to Muar. Reached there, orang dah start makan. Told DH in the car, sure tak dapat makan kat main table dah lambat ni.. he said kenapa nak makan main table... tup tup, dia yang duduk makan kat main table. Mazran , Ann and cute baby Fahim, came a few minutes after, followed by Mak B, Uncle M, Izreen, Nizar and baby comel Nadia. SIL Nor and family, BIL Faiz and family, MIL and DIL were all already there. Dad in Law who was admitted to IJN looked ok. Atty looked lovely in red.

Friday night 15 Dec

went over to Lana's berinai~ Shila's kids and mine, including mummies, had mendi drawn on our hands. This guy memang talented betul, Mine was full of hearts, shila's roses, kakak and qisty had butterflies, while adik's - flowers.

Sunday LANA' s wedding

Lana's wedding was great. Baju cantik and there was the usual tol, where the Groom's rombongan had to pay before settling on the dais with the bride. Kecoh stuff and great fun. Then we had the tabur ambor2- money and chocolates thrown by the newly wed. The food was yummy, ada Singapore Murtabak ( bestnya..) , roast lamb, Fried Kue Teow plus the usual Laksa Johor and Briani Gam. ( gambar curi from lana's blog)

Tuesday 19th Dec

Lana's reception at Felda Perdana. the day before, phoned tailor kata baju tak siap sebab the part where I wanted to do the dress koyak, I was worried nak beli baju baru , then suddenly remembered that the fabric was saree, ada 5 metre, it would be enough, tinggal lagi pattern sama thruout. Called back the tailor to do whatever she could with it. Baju siap at 3. Had DH to pick it up.Nervous a bit sebab reception dekat Datuk Keramat, while I had to go from Shah Alam to Sepang then to Datuk Keramat. Luckily, kakak and adik, the flower girls were at my parents' in Ampang. Met DH at Cyberjaya and then to Ampang to pick up the kids. Mum had the kids ready, DH picked them up while I went the the florist to buy petals for the flower girls' basket. Rushed to Felda, sembahyang magrib, then put on the dress. Nasib baik ok, Phew. Siapkan the girls. Shila and I were more nervous than the kids as they had rehearsal in the morning , and we had not. Problem solved as Mak Z's staff were to guide them. The wedding was lovely, Lana and Helmi looked radiant. The kids were OK. They had the tol and Ambur2 here too. I sat with the kids and they didn't like udang much so Shila and I ate lots of big yummy prawns. Lana sang. She has lovely voice!!After the guests left, the kids grabbed the microphone and sang My Heart. Shila, Mak M, Imi, Nor took turns to sing. The kids had whale of time plucking flowers. I got a whole bunch of Tuberose, Sundal Malam. Fun Night!

Hari raya Haji.

Went to Ampang the nite before. Adik ate so much of Mom's rendang that mom was worried ada tak for raya haji. The next day after sembahyang raya went to BIL Epi's house to see DIL he looks ok after a weeks stay at IJN. After that went to aunty U's house. Got two bags full of Women's day and Australian Magazines. Bestnya!! Kakak will have a whale of a time doing puzzles. Then went to Mak L's house. Haven't been there since I got married. DH's first visit to the house. teruk betul!! Pak T was there with new baby, Marina husna.. cute betul. Pak T told grandma that the baby is his and my grand mother said bohong. Pak T said everyone thot the baby is his grand daughter.. Went to Uncle Fuad's house. Met BIL and shila there. Uncle and aunty looked ok. At about 5 went to Kluang.

1st January
In Kluang, MIL cooked the kids favourite, laksa Johor. Learnt her way of cooking Laksa Johor. Got panicked when Pais' in law were there. Usual kecoh stuff. Fun tho. In the evening went to buy adik and kakak's uniform before going back to KL

2nd January 2007

Woke adik up early, pakaikan baju sekolah and off she and DH went to her school. Today was suppose to be orientation before starting standard 1 the day after. As maid was on leave and kakak, qisty still tired from the journey from Kluang, I stayed behind to cook breakfast, nasi lemak. Dh and adik came back a few minutes later. Apparently there;s supposed to be ataklimat/talk at 9 and kids did not have to be there. Laahai!!. At 9 he went alone while I continued cooking and woke kakak and qisty up. Then we went to the school. Manalah DH ni tak ada pon. And adik's name was not in any of the class. Panicked!1 Asked the school clerk, he asked when adik took her exam, what exam!!!..Dh didn't say anything about any exam!! She has to sit for the exam before they let her in. Lahh.. sekolah kampong pun kena exam!! Furious went back home. Sampai umah DH's car was there. Melabur. Asked him about the matter. Ada kata dia...adik is in the same class as the next door neighbour's daughter. ????. Dh said the queue was long and also he has stomachache, so tak bayar fees lagi.

After breakfast we went to pay.. Lahai.... Different school. I went to the wrong school... hahahaha. Had a good laugh about it. Later that evening went to sis ida's- Azri's bday party. Told them the incident . Dad said sekolah elite.

3rd January

Registered kakak. Transferred her from sekolah KLIA so that the next door neighbour boleh tolong ambik after school. Before this DH picked her up all the way from cyberjaya, sometimes tak pergi sekolah as Dh had to go somewhere during the time. So the arrangement now is that I send the kids to school in the morning, the neighbour will pick from morning school and to sekolah ugama and in the evening from sekolah ugama , dh will pick the kids up. Thot of going to work later that day but after registering sekolah ugama dah 3.30 and then I'd have to pick them up at 5.30, so cutilah.

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