Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nadia's Aqiqah and Cheetah Girls

Friday, 19 January

Dad came back from Chiangmai. DH picked him up from the LCC airport around 3. I sent him last Monday causing kecohness as the kids have to be at school before 7.30, Monday assembly day and dad had to be at the airport at 7. The kids wanted to send their atok so I whisk them off without proper school shoes and bags, thinking there will be time to pick the next door neigbour, shoes and bag. Set off around 6.45, reached the airport at 7.05 and believe it or not at home around 7.25. The neighbour's kids were already in their dad's car heading towards school and my kids grabbed bags and shoes.. with confusion, grabbed two of kakak's shoes instead. Lama2 took all two pairs of shoes each to school. Hahaha.

Dad wanted to take the kakak and adik to Ampang. I said they have sekolah ugama, and Dh would have to take the neighbours kids from sekolah ugama. But, the girls ponteng, Atuk whisked them to Ampang. Actually we went to Ampang that night, so kalau Dad tak bawa tak pa but Atok rindu cucu.

The next day would be Awal Muharram. Mum in Law sent her yearly reminder of doas akhir and awal tahun.

Saturday 20th

Nadia's aqiqah. Went to Mak B's around 11 ish. Yasin dah habis baca, they were reciting surahs and doa went we got there. The kids wear tudung. Aqiqah went well. Nadia memanglah baik langsung tak nangis. Very good girl. I remember adik's qiqah... she cried because there were many unfamiliar faces. The flowers were lovely. We thought they were fake, bila tau real, gatallah tangan minah bunga. Lovely mauve colour. Photos will be posted later. ( blom download)

Next Shila, I and the eight kids altogether, went to Berjaya Times Square . My sister Ida was quite annoyed as I asked brother amy and her to come to Dad's and have a nasi kerabu night. Tengok orang yang ajak Hilang. We thot the trip to Berjaya times Square sekejap aje .. catch a movie, tengok Cheetah girls promo and back before 7. I had no idea what the promo was until we got there. There was a Cheetah-licious party. Kids can register, Accesorize like the cheetah girls, have their photos taken and record the song apakebende.. the party's just begun. My daughters tak pernah dengar the song and as we don't have Astro, tak tau sangat the characters. So when adik was asked which cheetah girl she liked.. buat muka blur. The MC asked me, I pun blur, kakak got it right. We had to wait around an hour plus . Ponek jugak berdiri, qisty dah restless, she took a nap. Adik followed the MC around , in the end dapat a board, Qisty got the same thing , she had to roar. Sara and Sophia got a soundtrack Cd each. We were no 131. Shila's kids were after us. They close the registration after 133.
No 131, The kids put on caps, hairbands with cheetah design, sunglasses and posed. Then off to the recording room. Only kakak's voice could be heard. The song was unfamiliar to qisty and adik. I took photo with handphone but misplaced my phone wire cable, so I have to transfer via bluetooth to my PDA and later on to PC. Roundabout way.(Will post as soon as I got the thing organized.) We had to come back for the Cd at 7.15.
While waiting, we went to Borders. Atuk gave 100 riggit to buy books. Instead of the usual 4 books of either geronimo stiltons, Nancy drews , Lizzie McGuire, or R Stine, kakak bought a cook book for kids. As it was around 30, she could have only one nancy drew book. Adik bought a princess craft book and Scooby Doo book while Qisty's, The twelve dancing princess colouring book.
Went back to the Cheetah licious party, Got the Cd, nicely done with their photo with Cheetahlicious pose and name printed on the cover, A cheetah purse in a disney bag. All in all an interesting day. Thank you Shila for driving us and thank you Sohia and Sara for giving us the soundtrack CD.
Went back home kena marah. Was supposed to cook nasi kerabu. The cook balik lambat. Ayam percik was cooked by mum. I cooked the gravy and mixed the sambal kelapa. After dinner had some belgian chocs and fruits, then off to Sepang.
Sunday 28th Jan
Went to Pasar. Bought chicken, beef and fish for the week. Bought also one dungaree and a pair of jeans for Qisty. Spend the day, sewing on beads and sequin shaped like a mermaid on the dungaree. Later on went to buy ingredients for kakak's chocolate chip cookies, Qisty's mermaid's bra came off... Hahaha..


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