Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kids and new year resolution.

Qisty has learnt to write "TINA". Slowly she's learning her alphabet. Oklah for a three year old. Kakak could recognise the alphabet when she turned two. Adik, well.. probably when she's 4 or five. Teaching the kids ni mmglah difficult. Kena patient. With kakak, senang sikit. Tengok video tunjuk alphabet dah ok. With adik, a bit difficult sebab she liked to contradict, she always thinks she's right. Like the time when I taught her to count. I counted ..6 , say fruits. She'd say seven and sampai sudah sampai bergaduh. Even when her grandma and sister insisted that I was right, she was unmovable. With Qisty, she'll use metaphor. S looks like snake, mama.. So I taught her using the same thing.. E looks like comb, etc. Once, she insisted that M is W, I turned the letter.. yes.. u are right mama she'd say.

Qisty's favourite is mermaid. When she draws, it'll be mermaids. Tak tau why she has this obsession with mermaids.

Adik is settling nicely at school. She has a few friends. Sophia, Fatini- the next door neighbour, Quratul Ain and a few others. Oklah. I asked her how's school. She'd say, belajar patterns mama, it's easier that the kindergarten. I told her now maybe, it'll get harder later on.

Kakak enjoyed her new school. She has made friends. She wanted to wear tudung since std 2 but I told her, I'll let her wear when she goes to secondary school. Last week, she asked me again, so I repeated the same thing. She told me, she's now a Putri Islam- girl guide kot?- so she'd have to wear pink tudung to school on Wednesdays and white on other days. Oklah. I don't want her to wear tudung in primary school because I don't want her to wear tudung as uniform. I want her to wear it permanently in secondary school. But come to think of it, pi sekolah ugama pun tudung macam uniform jugak.

Me.. well trying to eat healthily and exercise more. Had burst of motivation before Christmas, started doing yoga. Then new year padam balik. Then, I met my friend Sya, who introduced me to T-tapp a few years ago, at the Sunday market in Salak. She told me she's enrolled for kickboxing. aerobic and yoga classes at California Fitness and she comes back at 10 at night from the gym three times a week. I thot, wow this woman is fantastic.
T-tapp is good but I have problem sticking to it. To get motivated I need fun exercises with music to get moving. So last week, I started with Bar method dvds. oklah. Tapi sebab its deep muscle contraction, I had to take three days off exercise after doing each dvd.
This week it gets better. On Monday I did Bar Method's Fat free sans the ab work, the next day mcm ok, I didn't get DOMs, so Tueday I did the Pilates Fat Burning- fun exercise with a great instructor- thinking of buying more of this cardio pilates or pilates with weight dvd. Wedneday, Bar Method's Sculpting and T-tapp's Organ In Place. So far so good. I hope to do Kathy's Smith's Peak Performance today and take time off tomorrow.
I hope this bout of fitness phase will last.

Foodwise, I am doing ok. Little baby steps at a time. Still eat nasi lemak on Sundays. But during weekday, I try substituting brown rice for white rice. Grilled things for lunch and reduced intake of rice for dinner. I now eat dinner as soon as I get home. Then Magrib and continue with exercise before sleeping at 10.

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