Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hong Kong .. Cont..

Day Four- Thursday

Our Fourth day in Hongkong we decided to go to Ocean Park. Woke up hungry, looked around - found remnants of last nights dinner. Let the kids slept in while I cleaned the place and had the sambal ikan bilis we brought for breakfast, ( the rendang has gone bad as adik used her fingers to eat), Woke them up and kakak had jam and bread while adik had chocolate spread and bread. Siap punyalah lama - in the end took the taxi to the underground, MTR and then a taxi to Ocean Park, which is cheaper as Ocean Park is at west Hongkong Island, very far and will be expensive. If the trip to Kowloon cost around 80-90 hongkong dollars, which is 40-45 ringgit, it would probably cost twice . Reached Ocean Park around 1 o'clock. There are two entrances/ exits in Ocean Park. The main entrance at the Conservation Square which leads to the lowlands and the Tai Shue Wan leads to the Highland. The Highland and Lowlands are connected by cable cars or the escalator.

We went to Lowland entrance, went on to see the sea lion show. Oklah. Qisty enjoyed it. Next the kids rode Toto the Loco, a slow moving mini train ride, they probably had one in the Mines Wonderland. We passed through the Tiny toon town, where they had arcade like games, which require around hongkong 5 dollars to play. Camillia wanted to play, but DH told her to play only those which do not need extra money. Well ,the entrance did cost 93 for kids and 185 for adults. Next we went to the Kid's world where there were playgrounds and rides. Bought drinks and pop corn while the kids played. When eating terjatuhlah popcorn, tengok bawah langsung tak ada sampah, and punyalah clean, felt guilty, I picked up the popcorns and shoved in the bin. Next tried the Frog hopper which is the mini version of the ride I rode once dekat UK, where they take u up and drop you, Only one adult may ride, so I went with the kids. A 6 year old before us cried, takut jugak if Qisty cry. Tengok ok aje dia, in fact nak pi lagi. Next we got in the ferries wheel shaped like baloons.

Then we went to see the Bird show. Bird show ni a bit like the one in Ayer Keroh but Ayer Keroh's better. Dah lapar, dh suggested Mc Donald's , I maleh nak makan Mc D, thot we'd try to see apa ada kat atas. We went up for the cable car ride. On the way nampaklah Panda Sanctuary and F1 racing, go kart which cost around 40 dollars. Nak naik cable car susah sikit because of the push chair, Dh wanted to leave it, I said no, yelah kan bila masa nak ambik balik. The cable car was small just enough for us. The ride was smooth, the view lovely nampak the bay.

Reached up, pi makan kat Bay view Restaurant, nice view. Semua dah lapar. Kakak had Seafood spagetti and the rest of us had Breaded fish with Tamarind sauce and rice. Sedap!! We next saw jelly fish aquarium, lots of repeated species of jelly fishes. Next, we wanted to to see the shark, tapi took the wrong turn went in to A toll reef instead. Kat sini, ada lots of underwater species, including a big tank of all the fishes, turtles, cray fishes, sharks. Saw the hammerheads. As we went down we saw the fishes from the surface sampai the bottom of the tank. I must say we had to go down stairs and with push chair it was a bit difficult. DH said Aquaria's better. By this time dah nak gelap, so we went to the Ferris wheel ride. Then DH and kakak went for the Flying Swing Ride. Ad height restriction so Qisty and Adik couldn't go. Adik cried. Kakak, after experience the ride gushed that it was the best ride of all.

As dah gelap, we went out by the other exit. So lah, jauh, we had to walk down stairs, up more stairs lugging the push chair, then down the escalator. Ponek betul. Then we went in the bus tapi kena turun balik sebab tak ada change. Luckily, Kakak had some change, and we had to wait for the next bus. Reached Amiralty station, ada hati nak pi jalan lagi, so we went to Wan chai station and then the street where the sell cheap toys. Pusing2 nak cari the street. In the end found it. Tapi nak tutup dah. Bought a few souvenirs and jumpa niece, nana's Power Puff girls things. Nak balik tapi the kids were hungry so we went to a Pakistani Restaurant. Quite nice. We too the MTR. The kids were too tired, adik developed a fever and kakak fell asleep in the train. It was twelve when we reached the hotel.

The next day, Friday, we woke up late. Had a good rest before packing our bags and headed to the airport. At the Airport, had frenzied last minute shopping time at the Disney Store and we were a bit late boarding the plane. Reached KL around 9 and reached home around 10.

Phew. Wonderful and Exhausting trip. The kids loved it. Nak pergi lagi. From my experience, plan well ahead before you go. Familiarise with the maps. Kalau boleh duduk more central near Tsim Sha Sui or kowloon, banyak halal food/ restaurant, attractions dekat tempat2 ni, so you don't spend so much on transport. Nak save further bawak serunding or rendang because dekat restaurants sekali makan around 100-200 dollars.( 50-100 ringgit). Kalau boleh naik public transport to tempat2 jauh. It would be better if spent two days in Disneyland, so that you would not be rushed nak kejar the rides and shows. If you go to Ocean Park, go early~ it opens at 9, visit the attraction yg jarang tengok like Panda or the Dolphins, skip the bird show, then spend more at the highland. Highland ada lots of rides, but some may have height restrictions. The attractions that we missed

The Abyss- Raise up and free fall, rasanya kat gentng ada ke?

The Dragon- Rollercoaster with loops, twist and turns

The Eagle- Like the Flying swing but 4 rapidly spinning thigies.

Tha Galeon- Pirate ship swing to and fro.

Mine Train- train macam roller coaster

Space wheel, Rapidly spinning vertical ferris wheel

Raging River- Log Flume ride.




We didn't go much round the Hongkong Island. Didn't go to Causeway bay, Stanley Street, The Peak, Maddame Tussauds, etc.

All these reasons warrants a trip back to Hong kong.

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