Friday, January 19, 2007


Yesterday went back home, felt very hungry. Had dinner, masak lemak cili padi beef, grilled terubuk, ulam raja, sambal belacan and brown rice. While eating asked if the kids have done any home work.

Adik said she has one. She said she has to stick alphabets in her pattern book. Ok I said. One side of the book has writtings on them, so I suggest she paste on one side. The maid volunteer to do it for her. Then she said, the maid, did it wrong so I asked her to turn the paper. Then she said she wants to paste it on to two pages, so that she'd have to transfer what she wrote on the next page. I said ok. Then she accidently torn the book as the pages were still wet when she erased it. I said it is ok it is an accident. Just explain itto the teacher. She got agitated saying that the teacher will scold her. I told her it is only an accident tapi she cried.

Kakak said.. if the teacher scold you, you'd just have to take it.

But adik tak nak kena marah, Adik tak suka kena marah..

But it is an accident.. So just tell her that..So what if you get scolding once in a while

But adik tak nak teacher marah adik langsung
And this went on. And I lost it and shouted at adik sampai terbatuk2. Tulah dia adik.. she gets whiny at times.

While I was doing Kathy Smith's fat Peak performance vcd, adik came in and asked me about whether she'd have PE the day after. I told her I don't know and she started again- kena lagi. She knew that nobody is to disturb me while I am exercising. Join boleh tapi kacau mmg kena.

This morning, she started crying in the car, because the teacher placed her with three boys and she doesn't like it. Kena kacau. She insisted that I speak to her teacher. The teacher told her to sit at the end of the table and problem solved.

That's adik for you. Once she told me that she has to memorise doa makan, doa sebelum tidur, doa masuk tandas, doa masuk kenderaan- in Kindergarten. And she kept asking me to teach her, saying that the ustazah insisted that she memorise. I told her, I , myself don't know the doa, except doa makan, yang belajar pun dari budak2.. baca bismillah aje I said. Sebelum tido, either bismillah 21 times or I'd recite the three kuls and ayat qursi. And tell the ustazah, you are too small tomemorise all the doas in one go , kena take time jugak nak belajar ni. She didn't want to go to kindergarten sebab ni. Kecik2 lagi dah tension. I told her don't be so tight.. relaxlah.. Ni baru sekolah main2. What to do....

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