Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Selamat menyambut Ramadan everyone, altho it's 11th Ramadan dah. Ramadan niI really don't feel like going to Pasar Ramadan. The price of dishes, lauk2 have certainly gone up. One portion of chicken is like RM2.50 now. Small pulak tu. And you never know the taste until breaking fast and it may have gone bad. 1st day puasa dapat diarrhea. But I like going there for kuihs. I feel buka puasa is not complete without these sweet / savoury cakes. Especially the murtabak. I love the Murtabak, tho, you remember I hate roti canai. Essentially it is like the roti canai, white floor in oil fried with oil with the additional meat, onions and egg. And only in Ramadan do I indulge in these savoury thingy. I figured I am eating once a day, why shouldn't I indulge.

I remember Ramadan in UK. I had to have kuih for buka puasa even then. In Malaysia, I used to buy whatever cakes at Pasar Ramadan, where there are plenty of choices. When I was there of course I missed the malay cakes, so we have to learn to make them. But finding the ingredients might be difficult or expensive. The kuih I usually make ~ the ketayap. White flour made into green pancakes with dessicated coconut in brown sugarfilling , which after a while I changed to green apples in brown sugar filling. Fusionlah tu.. a bit like the apple pie filling.

Kakak has been good. She missed a day. Last Sunday because adik ate in front of her. Other days she's ok, I mean she goes to morning school and later sekolah agama. But on Sunday, probably because no activity to take her mind of food.

Adik started her practice of fasting on MOnday, half a day. Yesterday she was nearly there. At 6.45 pm just short of 20 minutes till the break, she couldn't stand it. She ate oats. But ok considering she's six. Kakak started practising when she was seven.

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