Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weekend at Sepang and Nilai

We didn't go anywhere far last weekend. Spent the weekend reading Mrs Jeffries novel. I love the series. Housekeeper and the servants of Inspector Witherspoon help the blur Inspector solve mysteries. The storyline was set during victorian times in England.

Saturday evening went to Nilai Square to look for fabrics for raya. At first we agreed on turqouise, ( I have recently fallen in love with this colour) but now we've decided to chang the colour to follow lana's wedding scheme. Dh bought fabric for father in law, mum in law. For the kids we usually get them cotton. When they were small we would go to cottage patch to buy American cotton, lovely and durable but expensive. When kakak was small it was around 20 plus per meter, now its nearly forty. If the kids wear it often ok but the traditional baju kurung is worn occasionally, I feel it is not worth spending that much. Unless they are made into dresses. I have dresses handed down from kakak to adik to qisty and they still look ok. For the past few years we've been going to Nagoya to buy the Japanese cotton. Oklah lembut. But dekat Nilai Square. Tak jumpa. I once asked them why they don't sell Japanese cotton, katanya expensive, nanti tak ada orang beli. But they do sell kain2 rm50-70 a metre, kain2 lace and silk. In the end bought for adik and kakak viscouse silk.

While there I thought we need to change our curtains. It's more than three years now, tua dari Qisty. But solah malas plus of course ongkosnya ngak ada. May be we'll do it after raya.

Sunday evening went back to Nilai Square to buy qisty's and mine Sukanya. I found the fabric like 2 months ago, fell in love with it but didn't want to fork out that much. This time showed Dh, he said Ok. Sayang husband I. Malam cooked laksa Johor. This is my second attempt. First attempt DH kata tak sedap , not as good as mum in law's and merajuk. Refused to cook laksa johor for a while. But my kids love laksa johor. Kakak and adik both. They rarely have same taste in food. This time around asked DH the trick question again. I thot it lacked dried shrimp but DH said it was ok.

One of the reason why I don't cook much laksa johor or mee bandung is because I don't like them much. I prefer laksa Penang just my taste kot ,kurang berminat dgn the heaviness of laksa johor. Mee Bandung sebab I don't like mee kuning much. Probably because the noodle is slippery like and not like mee hoon or the vermicelli , which is made with rice and it sorts of blend with gravy. Usually the things I like I would try to learn making them like nasi kerabu.. Mmm... dah lama tak buat.

Diet and exercise.. Well I've not been dieting, taking Teresa's advise to the heart. No dieting for a month or two when doing t-tapp. My legs are ok now, no problems since last week, so I've continued. Today would be a week. I plan to do it for 10 days in a row and then every other day for four weeks. Plannyalah. Putting it into action ni kekadang susah sikit.

I'm feeling great , more energetic but more hungry than usual.