Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Independence Day - Merdeka

Selamat Merdeka

I remember when I was in Form four when I was in Convent Bukit nanas, we practiced for the Merdeka Procession. But I was offered a place at MRSM Seremban, and I did not get to do the apakebende thingy. After I got back from UK , a few friends and I decided to watch the Merdeka procession in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad building. Lots of people there, we had to climb onto something to see the procession, the fact that I am petite made it difficult for me to see the procession. Anyway, while watching it suddenly I felt someone's hand merayap .. Apa lagi.. I squeezed his hand and pinched him and later on stared. Buat deque aje..

What did I do yesterday

Cooked spagetti for the family. Kakak liked it, had second helping and also ate it during tea. Adik didn't like it. Tak sedap mama..Sigh..Should have cooked curry mee instead. Adik love curry so much that we sometimes call her currymina. The funny thing is, I couldn't stand curry when I was pregnant with her. The very thot of coconut milk or curry made me want to throw up.
Dh washed my car.. thank you so much.. haven't washed it for like 2 months now or may be more. In the evening pottered around the garden weeding. I haven't done this for like two months and the weeds were as tall as the trees. also put fertilisers.

I am so happy that- all my flowers are flowering. The roses have not stopped, the jasmines are flowering and the kerak nasi/ kesidang is finally flowering. The last time kesidang flowered was like a year ago. Ingat dah merajuk. The smell of this flower is so sweet like daun pandan only sweeter. I will make perfume oil out of it.

Bilalah hot fm nak call ni. I spent most of the days listening to hot fm and waiting for the dj to call me. Yesterday RM 6900 was claimed. I was glued the radio the whole day and at about 3 someone claimed it. Today RM 5400 went to a lucky winner. Sigh.. Now I'm listening to the budget. PM is talking about the price of oil rising and subsidy by the government.

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