Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cameron Highlands 16 Sept Day 1

On Friday 15 Sept went to my parents' house as DH said it would be nearer if we started from Ampang. Dh and BIL, Epi made plans to start the journey at 5 and to wake up at 4. Whaaat. ade ke I have to wake up at 4. To me it would be better if we started after suboh but DH wouldn't hear of it. I thot they were pretty ambitious. SIL, Shila wondered if dh could wake up that early. I refused to wake up at 4 , DH making a statement that he can wake up at 4, put the lights on. I didn't want to wake up early only to find my -always-late in laws not waking up yet , so I called them. I was their wake up call. Sigh..Ambitious betul orang2 ni.

Any way, I took my time dressing up the girls, Suprisingly they could wake up early and pagi2 lagi dah mandi. While waiting for us to dress up , Dh went to buy roti canai for breakfast. We had roti canai(cereal for me..can't take the stuff), and after suboh prayer we started out.

I was sleepy..so slept in the car, Dh said it was refreshing starting out early..yelah tu, mengantuk jugak in the end. We reached Tapah and waited for Epi-shila and family. As we had breakfast before we left, I went to the petrol stations to get a few things.

Qisty went with Epi-shila, dah besar baby, tak nak dengan mama..I was worried yelah..what if she wanted her milk-yoyo. Menangis ke dia. But she was ok thruout.

On the way up , we saw lots of strawberry farms, stopped at one. Salah pilih upanya because al tho they sell strawberries, they were more like kedai runcit. I bought dried fresh strwberry , got headache instantly. Next time just stick to fresh ones. Dried pun ada preservative yg made my head ache. They also sell petai tea.. hehehe..petai pun tak makan...nak beli tea?

Next stop.. Butterfly farm Farm. outside not very impressive but bila masuk wow..Butterflies were really jinak, they were everywhere. They even had scorpions, geese, rabbits, snakes, lizards of all sizes, birds and the flowers, cantik..Sigh.bestnya boleh grow flowers yg exotic ni.

Then we went to the Strwberry Park Resort. The last time I went to Cameron Highlands was with Shila's family and I remember Strawberry Park. I Thot then, cantiknya..bila lah boleh merasa.The three bedroom apartment was spacious. DH, Qisty and I took the master bedroom, Shila and Epi the other room with double bed and Nadine and Sara took the single bedroom. Kakak and Adik and Sophia slept in the living room on carpet and quilt brought by moi. Dahlia slept in the little house that I brought.

We went out to lunch, lebat giler hujan and ..grew colder.We later went to a strwberry farm but this one didn't let you touch the fruit. Ada ka?

Then we went to Ye olde Smokehouse, bergambar sakan. In the rain. I was drenched. The Smoke House is an authentic-looking Tudor-style with a 2-storey building. It was built on 1939. The garden looked lovely and it looked charming outside, they say the cheapest room is 300 ringgit. The most expensive one may reach till RM 800++. Yikes. But the review on this hotel not so good, threadbarelah, leakage, musty , smelly. Yelah kan it is the same age as my dad.

Dah penat berjalan we went back to the hotel . As it was very cold , we decided not to go out again. we went to the restaurant and packed food. One complain about the room- the floors -wood, therefore terasa sejuknya. I should have brought socks. Day two tomorrow