Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cameron Day 2

Woke up feeling cold. Ate yesterday's cold mee hoon. The children had milo balls and bread with chocolate spread. Healthynyalah.. Packed our bags and checked out around 10ish..

First stop, Strawberry farm. We chose the pick your- own- strawberies farm. we had to climb solah high concrete stairs with nothing to hold on to, termengah2 and then had to cross a stream with solah small titi/bridge, enough for one foot. Try crossing that holding a 19 kg toddler. Masa pi Dh was around, but he disappeared when we wanted to cross back so Shila and I had to hold Qisty's hand.. Ish..ish.. strawberry picking ke concrete/stream tracking?.. DEkat Uk, Chester..yes, Idid I go with shila then, or not..anyway I reme ber picking the strawberries from ground tapi kat sini dalam compost bags..hahaha..

Next to the Boh plantation. Ooops di sebabkan the road was narrow we had to stop on the side and we spotted a rose garden. We went up..aik someone's house. We were shown around the house. Bestnya .. Banyak exotic plants like..kakak jumpa white and pink camelia, her namesake, Nadine Azalea found Azalea and Dahlia found hers. Ada forget me nots- dok Uk tak pernah nampak this flower, apple tree, rosemary herb, raspberry, roses, lady's slipper macam2 lagi. For minah bunga macam I of course went crazy. The owner Mrs Robinson came to Malaya in 1934 from Scotland. She sells raspberry jam and rose syrup.

Our next stop The Boh Plantation. We went to the Tea factory and Tea shop. Bought Ice lemon tea and Peach tea. The kids love them. Menyesal tak beli banyak. Then balik..

On the way singgah waterfall. Sempat mandi bebudak ni. We enjoyed the trip. Thanks Shila n Epi for making arrangements. Mana kita nak pi the next trip?

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