Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wedding and Monster House

On Saturday was cousin Roha's, who is my age, wedding in Linggi. DH had to take the Bukit Pelanduk way, nearer he said but if we hadmy maid in the car she would have filled the car with her barf. We reached there around 2.30 late considering we were juat 30 minutes away. Lots of slow moving lorries on the road.The Bride looks ok. Congratulations Roha and Husband.
Later at night we went to see Monster House. Oklah. The children liked it. One character reminded us of adik~ no front teeth!!

Sunday mum and dad came over on the way from KLIA~ their maid had to go back, father was not well. Brother Amy and family came over. At around 7 something we sent them to the airport. They were going to Melbourne. Qisty wanted to follow Trisya and Trisya wanted Qisty to follow her. Tina nak naik Plane Baba!! To pacify Qisty we went to the playground with plane model. When asked again, nak naik plane.. she said Tina dah naik plane.oklah..

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