Friday, August 04, 2006

T-tapp revisited

I am starting T-tapp again. Today will be my fifth day. I've checked in the 31/7 to 6 weeks thread in the t-tapp forum. I figure if I were to check in I will be more consistent.

On Monday was all right no problems there. Did Basic Plus. On Tuesday, DH's car broke down. At 7 o'clock, my appointment with T-tapp, he wanted me to follow him to the airport to rent a car. Grumbled all the way. When we reached home it was around 8.20. Maghrib then Basic Plus- had to do it or what will I report to the forum.

Dh phoned and asked me to come home early as his car's ready , the workshop will close at 6.45pm he said, have to be there early. No problems. Came out around 5, reached Sepang around 6. No sign of him. At around 6.20 went to the workshop, had to wait till about 7.. Grr.. Then had to send the hired car to the airport. Reached home around 8. Magrib, basic plus then off to Pasar Malam- night market for dinner and groceries.

No drama, could have started the workout at 7 but got distracted by a new gossip magazine..interesting ..Lindsay Lohan and boy friend, Avril Lavigne got married, mr Jessica Simpson missing her still and even JJ and Rudy of the hitz fm. Did Basic plus and arms after magrib around 8. hehehe..

Called Kinokuniya and they have Teresa's new book. Yay! Reserved the copy. Will definitely go to kinokuniya this weekend. I am also out of fictions, reducing to kakak's goosebumps, hardy boys(both english and malay version- pathetic..), Mr Midnight and rereading Harry Porter. Masaalah bookworm ni.

Told DH that I was out of books and am currently rereading harry porter for like 6th time. He said I could have written a novel when I was unemployed in Malacca ( as Ms Rowlings did). I don't know whether cerita tahyul..fairy tales, witches and goblin by local author will sell here. I thot of writing something like Clive Cussler's novel but about historical Malacca or Anne Perry's mystery set in the 19th century Malacca. Would be interesting. I do love historical mysteries..hate historical romance tho.

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