Monday, August 21, 2006


Today woke up with a headache. Called office ~ medical leave. A few calls followed from office, I decided to go. Bad decision, no aircon- therefore circulation's bad, causing pounding headache. I don't mind the heat, it's the lack of oxygen ~plus, when I opened the window, I gained therapeutic aromateraphy from the nearby rubber factory.

Of course today is the big or shall I say Mega Day for our celebrated singer. I just can't get the song ' Lelaki- buaya Darat ' by ratu out of my head.


Told my husband, school holidays and our kids are spending it at home. Kesian, he suggested we go out to Bangi to see a movie. But later on decided to see what's at South City plaza. Only two floors were occupied. We went to Popular for books. Not much fiction there- I prefer Kinokuniya and Borders. Kinokuniya for fitness and craft- they even have Inspiration and Smocking magazines and Borders for its wide range of fictions especially the Crime section. Dh bought mr midnight for kakak, Adik two workbooks and sticker books for Qisty. We suddenly got a call from Mum In Law that DH's cousin's husband Abang Jeman passed away. We went to dinner and later on to Vista Commonwealth to visit. Takziah kak yah.


We decided to go to Ikano as Elena from Mermaidia will be appearing. I told Dh, we have to go out by 1.30 taking account of the time we would have to search for parking. We reached there at 3.30` DH had to go to Seri kembangan to withdraw money, which I did not anticipated and he stopped at BHP wanting to clean his car. Elena has since long gone. She was supposed to appear from 3-3.30 and we were 5 minutes late.. Geram. Gaji tak masuk, in my case, browse aje lah..kesian budak2. Went to Borders and bought 4 books. Finished the ones I bought at Kinokuniya and I finished rereading Sidney Sheldon on Saturday. Found Mr Jefferies series which are thin books, I should go to Ampang rent a book, or at Pay less, they may have the series.

Tomorrow I'll be taking the day off to settle my maid's permit with Immigration.

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