Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Seremban Revisited

At least once a year we will visit Seremban. One of the reason would be to renew the maid's passport. Since the nearest Fomema is there we'd go there.

Let me tell you about Seremban. Capital of Negeri Sembilan, Seremban was where I was born. Both mum and dad were from Linggi, Negeri Sembilan. The old hospital I was born in, now house mentally challenged patients. My youngest brother too was born in Seremban ( two siblings in between born in Selangor). I remember when we were small every time we passed by the old hospital, mum and dad would say' look the hospital Along was born, now hospital orang gila and then proceeded to show the new hospital where brother Amy was born. Sigh.

My first primary school was Convent Seremban, my headmistress then was my mum's class teacher. Yesterday the building ~ no longer there, instead there's an oxidation pond.

After form three I was offered a place in MRSM Seremban. Now, memories there are precious. First time I went there, culture shock jugak, first coed school.

All I remember about Form Four and Five is the big crush I had on this one guy. Of course I also remember the hysteria. About 10 girls screamed and later on fell unconcious, supposedly possessed by the spirit of the tree near the library. Chaos at that time ~ boys were seen in the girls hostels as the girls had to be restrained. I remember, a prefect Rohaida said.. the boys being in the hostels was catalyst for the hysteria .

Had a great time during A level. Yours truly, couldn't do without sambal belacan would bring lesung and buy cili padi from a supermarket in Wisma Punca Emas ( sad place now) . Later we had cili padi tree just outside our room, the seeds from our sambval belacan. When we were hungry, we would pool instant noodle, Maggii and pass round the bowl ~ two tablespoons each.
I found my old diary- day to day journal of life there, quite boring on weekdays, no wonder I resorted to finding someone to admire. We would write the name of the boys on the wall and everytime we decide to change to another boy we would put up a tally mark. I had the most tally mark.

A levels was the time I bemoaned when I would find a boyfriend, when suddenly towards the end of the year I found out I had five admirers. Terkezut!!One sent the La is La Bonita Song by Madonna.One approached. I agreed to meet but later on did not want to go on as I thot the boy was suffocating me but he was persistent so I turned my attention to one of his bestfriends. Hell broke loose. He wrote a few things on the door of his room for all to see.

I remember during Ramadhan, makcik dapur would cook something for girls who were not able to fast. Balik from the kitchen, we were teased by the boys, as they knew where we've been.

The main activity for us during evening would be mengintai. There were holes on the curtains, some are made, to peep through, as the boys would play just opposite of our rooms. Some of my friends from other rooms would come to our room to peep as well.

Those were the days. DH went to SDAR which was in Seremban too. During orientation form four, we had to go to SDAR to cheer the hockey players.

One of our dating venue was Seremban.

Seremban then and now. Not much has changed.

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