Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fever week

Kakak demam on Friday. In the evening Qisty's temperature rose. On saturday adik has fever as well. Mum(me) wanted to go to Kinokuniya having reserved Teresa's book. Dragged kakak and Qisty along, by then both of them had their fever medicine and wanted to go. Adik stayed at home. Ida permed my hair. Turned out quite ok and she's now gotten the bug. Asked anyone else wanted thier hair permed. BIL ,Epi came over and spent the night editing dvd of his surgery. Qisty looked at it and said ewww...that's a belly button.

On Sunday
Got the kids ready for mak zah's tailor. Got there around 12 jugak, She said 11-12. Typicallah kan. Went to Jaya Jusco IOI to look for adik's MP4 player. My legs got worse. Can't walk far. Dh wanted to go to Tesco too.. but I had enough. Got home, the maid had fever.. La hai.. went out to Bangi for dinner. I brought my citrine-peridot- white quartz-multi coloured stone along. The band holding them together broke and the band I bought a few days ago was too big for them And bought an all white quartz bracelet. Didn't plan on that. The lady wanted to sell me the all citrine or the all peridot bracelet costing about 400-500 on installment. Not this time I said. Got to go away before I spend away all my gaji, I've got a few things to pay towards the end of the month.

Didn't go to work. My children, Dh and the maid still demam. And my leg was giving me problems. Sigh..

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