Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Busy bee

Haven't been updating my blog lately been busy as the director is coming down to visit from USA. Worked on Saturday as DH said he'd be working last weekend. I assumed Saturday, when my colleague said he wanted to swap with me, I said yes. Upanya his convo was on Sunday. What did I do on Sunday. Curled in bed with my books. Out of the four today I'm in the middle of the third book. Sigh... Should have taken thicker books but I wanted victorian mysteries and they are all thin. Interesting books tho, I found a few new authors with series of novels. Some of the books are difficult to find here tho, especially the earlier editions. May be after I've finished the books I'll raid my father's library. He would have new books.

I have a few things badly in needed of attention. 1 my car needs to be serviced. 20k already - I've lost Proton's guarantee , it also needs a bath and vacumming. 2 My garden- needs weeding and fertliser, should have done it on Sunday but after spending a whole day at work on Saturday, I wanted to spend Sunday not doing anything. 3. My legs- I need a specialist to look at it. But now it's getting better and I'm restarting t-tapp again.

Merdeka millenium Endurance is coming up. Don't know if I should work. Lots of things to do in Shah Alam and can't afford to take 4 days off.

DH's coughing is driving me crazy. Yes I have to tolerate his snoring, teeth grinding plus nak tercabut tekak coughing. May be I should give him my concoction of raw garlic, raw onions, aloe vera, lemon, ginger, honey. hahaha

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