Monday, July 31, 2006

The weekend that was

Maid wanted to go back to Kuantan, Apparently sprained her ankle and had to go to Kuantan to urut..(rolling my eyes). Sprained because she was carrying a 19 kilos toddler. Yes, Qisty is 19 kilos, same weight as adik. Morning bought roti canai, brought out the sourdough starter konon nak buat bread. Malam went to Alamanda for dinner.

My soap has separated. Used the urine strip to test for ph. The top soap is neutral but the bottom part, high alkaline. Will have to cut of the bottom part. Will try again next week.

Usually sundays we would have nasi lemak but since we were going Ida's house for Briyani lunch, cooked sausages. The kids had like 4 each. The kids baked brownies for Afiq. I wanted to bring bread but my bread still did not rise, so brought sambal ikan bilis instead. Reached at Ida's at around 1 .20. Ida called to pick iji atKLIA but we were already at kinrara. Ate nasi about 4 ,Afiq cut his cake. Sorry no photo. Still have not received the camera. Didn't use my Vga camera.

Reached home around 9. The sourdough has not risen but there were water in my dough. Did kak ti tip the water in I wonder. Should have put it under the tudung saji. Will do another starter today and do the bread immediately after the starter start to rise.

Rainy monday morning. What else can I say. Kakak will start her test today.

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