Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Soap Opera and kakak’s 9th bday.


Spent the whole day making soap. Went out for last minute soap ingredient and mould shopping. Bought a rectangular mould and palm oil. I have bought some cute shaped moulds but I‘d probably use them once the soap is cured, as it won’t be caustic then.

I have read the instructions like a hundred times and from different sources. Must remember the most important points – Not to pour water into lye and oils into lye as it may explode. Must wear goggles and gloves.

First measured water and poured into a jug. Next measured lye and poured into water. Then take the temperature of the lye water. Measured Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and non organic Palm oil. Difficult to get Palm Organic Oil here at least certified ones.. how sad and we are producing palm oil. Heated up the oils and as it got to around 60c , leave it to cool. When the oils and lye water reached to about 40c combined them. Stirred them. And stirred , showed light trace. Stirred again sampai naik bosan. Read the instruction that it can take days with vegetable oils. Didn’t want to spend the weekend stirring as had to go to mum at night. Read further, two methods to hasten, either use a handblender, which I don’t have or cook it to get the ‘trace ‘ that I want , which should look pudding like. Cooked it I did. It did look like pudding.

Then as I removed it from the heat they separate, the oil and the soap like thingy.. help… I read other sources on tracing. Some advise pouring the fragrance and super fatting oils anyway and pour into the mould.. So I put a bit of sunflower oil for moisturizing properties, argan oil for antioxidant, Vitamin E for preservative and 10% Bulgarian rose otto for that heavenly smell. And poured them in the mould. Yikes Mould too big.. Hahaha..had to use Tupperware instead. Darn should have bought a smaller one instead, tapi tak pandai agak. Note to self, buy a stick blender.

Went to parents’ house. Dad watched football , malehlah tengok England lawan apakebende Portugal ni, so tido. DH dah berdengkur. At about 3, DH went to the toilet terjaga. A few minutes later had to go to the loo but he was still in there therefore went out. Then tossed and turned a few times, decided to join abah to watch Brazil and France, my first world cup ever. Enjoyed the game, was rooting for ze French. Brazil mmg tak ada taring. In the end French won.


Woke up at about 8. Ye awalnya.. went to Pasar to buy ingredients for nasi lemak and cooked the sambal sotong. After breakfast dah sleepy giler. Had to shout at the kids a few times for being noisy. Later went to Ampang Point to buy kakak’s bday dress.Nini and atuk bought for kakak a dress and apair of jeans and t-shirt, I bought a 12 ringgit K mart dress and a T-shirt for her. Dresses yg lain tak berkenan, have to buy her dress lain for birthday dress. Or maybe make her one. Entah bilalah dia nak dapat if I were to make her one. Bought her chocolate cake, and a magic kit, balloons panjang yg clown use and a book on how to shape the balloons and also a Art attack book.

At about 4 Kakak cut the her cake.
Spent the evening jadi clown shaping balloons into poodles, rhino, giraffe. The kids enjoyed it. Cooked nasi Briyani using the package bought from my clerk. Shila and family arrived. Showed her my plans with the flower girl’s dresses. Ate nasi briyani.. Went home.

Demam. Went to clinic, picked up the girls sleep.

Demam. Same as the day before.

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