Friday, July 07, 2006

Qisty has high fever.

Since yesterday Qisty has fever. Quite high judging from the warmth of her forehead. My Dad has reminded me a few times to buy a thermometer. My sis, Ida has the one where you poke in the ear, very the canggih, even some doctors in clinic used the strip thermometer My brother amy has a similar one as well. Me entah bila nak beli. (eh lupalak yg the ones I usd for making soap hahaha)

Yesterday morning around three, I gave her (Qisty) the nuerofen apakebende, cepat jugak the fever went down. Stayed up a few times tried to bring down her fever with a wet towel, in the end bagi ubat aje. At about 6.30 had to get up but was really sleepy. Grabbed something to wear and suddenly Qisty sat upright and asked..mama pakai baju princess ( any long dress is considered a princess dress). I carried her down, and when kakak and adik readied to go to school, Qisty too put on her shoes. In the end I took her along. When we reached kakak's school, she wanted to get down as well. At adik's school we got out. Had to wait for the principal to pay for the fees. She seemed active, mama had to spent the day at work feeling sleepy.

Last night her fever tinggi jugak lagi. Slapped on the cool fever thingy on her forehead and fell asleep. At about 12 woke up to find her still watching Rapunzel with the cool fever thingy missing. Gave her another dose of the fever medicine and insisted that she wear the cool fever thingy. Susahnya nak convinced. In the end she said ok.

Yesterday went to pharmarcy to buy the some cream ,hairspray and curlers to set kakak and adik's hair. Did Tina's even. But the hair went limp and sticky

Today went to JJ, thot of buying the hot curlers thingy bought perm solution instead.. Phoned Ida for a date to perm.

Funny things: Jasin MP wanted to buy compresor mercedes but didn't get what he wanted and bad mouth the customs. Funny man. Wonder why we have this kind of MP putting his needs first above all macam budak tak dapat his favourite toy.

World Cup.. Italy vs France. Rooting for France. DH before the quarter finals said that he would be rooting for the Italian, I thot Italy? no way.. tiba2 kalahkan Germany the team I thot would win the World cup.

Also panicking about the dresses the girls are going to wear at Felda Perdana. and their head dress. And I've got to shorten kakak's baju kurung for tomorrow. Wah!!

Just now I wore the ring that is suppose to betray my emotion. It went blue on me indicating that I'm stressed or depressed or something. I thot..benda ni menipu.. now I'm not so sure.

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