Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monday Blues

Monday morning rasa macam malas nak bangun, tak cukup tido as Qisty was still feverish. Had to give her fever medicine at 3 am. Maybe I should be the Nurefen thingy just for minum malam, then mama would have uninterrupted sleep till six. Solah malas.. I had to alter like three agreements, which put me further to sleep. Bought bread at apekebende BHP, Boustead's Petrol?, wanted to buy toast'em tapi tak ada had to make do with just plain wholemeal bread. This weekend nak try to do sourdough, if I can finish the flower girl dresseslah. No mood even to eat lunch, so kirim instead laksa, which taste oklah but I would prefer it to be more sour. Wanted papaya but they didn't sell 'em today, so had guava and mango instead.

Reached home at around 6.45pm. Wanted to do T-tapp but was distracted with the dresses so spent time on them instead. Managed to finish embellish adik and kakak's. Will start on the other two today.

Today, feeling ok. Qisty's fine. No fever. Mama also woke up refreshed. Went down stairs to roast beef. Then mandi, subuh buat PBS a bit and went downstairs to cut lettuce, make blackberry smoothie, potong sengkuang , did kakak and adik's hair and got in car.

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