Monday, July 10, 2006

Izan's wedding

Friday nite

Called Dh and reminded him that we have to go to Ampang tonite as Izan's nikah at 11 in the morning. He said he has a meeting at 6.30pm so lambat sikit. I busied myself altering kakak's lime green dress for Izan's nikah.. Teruknya workmanship, I hope nobody belek the dress. I had to shorten like about12 inches.. yelah baju budak 11 years old and she's quite short for a 9 year old. Did a few ribbon flowers for their flower girl dress and got ready the dresses they were suppose to wear tomorrow.


Woke up early and went with mum to buy breakfast. Woke DH up and readied the kids. Qisty still has fever and refused to take her medicine. We thot of going at 10 but Qisty had poo. After washing her and put her in her lime green organza beaded baju kurung ( saje nak emphasise sebab what happen next..), she threw up all over her dress. Luckily mum found a brown beaded strap dress. Dah lari colour scheme.. Reached there the akad nikah was on and ustaz was giving a sermon.

Izan looked lovely in her dress. The pelamin was very nicely done and so was the hantaran. Shila and I discussed about the flower girl dresses and found fresh ideas on a dress worn by another girl.

Qisty altho sick was very active. She couldn't stay in a spot. While everybody was watching the bersanding ceremony she went in and out from one end and to another. After a while she slept on the couch, tired I supposed. Collected toll from the best man at the door, then watched the ambo2, whre mak mas threw coins and chocolates. Kakak got RM2.50, banyaknya, wondered if some of them are Dahlia's, since she lost hers.

Got back and left DH asleep at mak buntat's.He missed the bersanding ceremony typical... when consuming nasi minyak. Ida and I worked on kakak and adik's hair. Adik's curl was lovely, Ida did a wonderful job and adik was very happy with her hair. she calls the perm-.. style pronounce as sty -yel. Kakak's hair was equally nice but looked frizzy , maybe because her hair is finer than adik's.

Then I was overcame with a tremendous migraine. I couldn't eat. Put in a spoonful of rice and it went all out. Plus Qisty has high fever and wanted to be in my arms. Si tembam.. after a while penat jugak. Mak buntat called for supper. Had to decline but DH, kakak and adik went. Qisty and I went to sleep.


Worked on the ribbon flowers. Taught Tin, brother amy's maid how to do it. She was relaively quick with it and the flowers were nicely turned out too. I was not bothered about the size of the flower, it is handmadekan. Had to go to the clinic as Qisty's fever medicine dah habis and she has a whole lot of other illnes such as diarrhea, red eye and complained of stomach ache since last night. While I was gone Tin did quite alot of them flowers and I had to add just another two to make it 40.

At around 4 Shila came over and we mulled over how to arrange the flowers and sewed on two samples. The dresses were transformed. Mak Buntat came with two other dresses from Husin's side.

At around 9 went back to Sepang. Dh stayed up to watch the finals. I couldn't sleep, worried about Qisty's fever.


Kakak and adik didn't go to school, mum too tired to wake up early to send them.