Thursday, July 20, 2006

Insurance Drama

Monday tired. Eyes still red. Decided not to put in the eye drops as my eyes became worse. Mum suggested that i tried the habatussauda and yemen honey. Oklah..I have tasted habatussauda before and I have tried dad's yemen honey. Boss not around went to India. Found out loads of work mainly tax. Sigh. Kakak and adik ponteng.

Tuesday I'm allright tho my right leg is giving me problems. Especially when driving and sujud. And also I found something that made my blood boil. My car was insurance cancelled effective from March 06. &**%%& X insurance!!

Storynya camni.. All the years I have been using Lon Pac car insurance with the Satria. So when I bought the Gen2 I referred Lon Pac for the NCD. Yelah dah bertahun driving, sure NCD banyakkan. In March I received a letter from X insurance saying I short paid them the NCD amount. Of course I don't want to pay , I should have a some NCD. It was 55% the last time I renewed. I know it goes down every year that I don't renew so it might be less than 55% but some sort of a deduction should be there. Apparently the last year I renewed was not with Lon pac. I went to this Nilai insurance agent and she did not use lon pac. I thot she did. But never fear lon pac had my records, after all these years and they said my NCD was with Royal Sun ( of which they informed this x company). I called Royal Sun, but unlike Lon Pac, they can't fax confirmation of NCD over to me, X insurance has to write in to them. Then on the 28th April I received a policy from X with 55% NCD. I thot well banyak jugak NCD aku ni and dah settle upanya. Then on tueday I received arefund from X insurance saying they've cancelled my insurance since March and informed the Pengarah JPJ.

What the....

I fumed ...., wrote nasty letter to X company and decided to go to Nilai agent for insurance. I wanted to cover from now to end of the year so that I can do the road tax together. Expensive she said. I wouln't be able to use my NCd as it was less than a year. In the end she calculated with reduction of NCD 25% comes to around 1k plus. What!!!

and there will be a diffrent timing of the road tax bla bla bla.. Complicated.

Meanwhile, X insurance apologised and after investigating, said I have like 38% NCD from Royal Sun and Id have to return them the refund cheque and pay around 400. That's more like it. And I don't have to worry about timing of the road tax. Phew...

Itulah dia the insurance drama. Not covered since March dahlah bawak keta daily from Sepang Shahlalam...

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