Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy birthday Afiq

Hit by a truck. That's how I felt yesterday. I 'm sure I have bruises everywhere. Yes.. Went to Kak Kesum's for massage. Tell me again why I was there.. I don't remember it being that painful. I've got so many twisted vein you'd think. My hump still hurts but I could turn my leg without pain.

I first went to Kak Kesum's early this year when my neck hurts. When to the dr and he gave muscle relaxant..tak baik.. so in the end went to kak kesum.. boy she's one strong lady.. sakit giler mcm nak terkencing. the next two days felt like being hit by the truck, then the pain dissappeared.

Before kak kesum, I always went to mak cik urut in ampang, right now can't remember her name. She urut.. so lah lembut( at least not like kak kesum), rasa but taklah sampai nak ter... I went to her for my post natal uruts ( for babies no 1 to 3) and also sometimes just for lulur.. can fall asleep one..With kak kesum....

My sour dough has gone yeasty.. the lactiapakebende wild yeast is in the dough.. I'll probably do the bread on Saturday.. Sunday will be Afiq's b'day celebration. Given him the poweranger suit for his b'day but got to buy something else this weekend.