Monday, July 24, 2006

Creaky Leg

My right leg is still giving me problems. On Wednesday called the mak cik urut. She's in Malacca, I wanted to make appointment for Saturday. She said too far ahead call her on Friday. Tried all day friday couldn't get her. On Sunday morning someone picked up the phone, she's gone to Kuala Pilah. Today handphone not answered phoned her house, have to call her around 1.30. Mengalah menteri. Sigh..

Did the sourdough starter on Sunday. Sourdough starter is wild yeast, the way org2 dulu make bread. They ferment the dough for a few days until it bubbles and gives out a sour puke like smell, then they make bread with it. I am going to try this and by tuesday or wednesday my starter would be ready.

at around 5 went to Equine Park 's Aeon ( former JJ) shopping centre. Parking is still free, quite a small JJ, 2 stories but I quite like it. It's organic section is larger than the one in Bukit Raja. I was able to buy millet and quinoa, no amarith and I forgot to buy rye and no spelt either, I just have to make do with what I have..

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