Monday, July 17, 2006

Auditioning for pontianak harum Sundal Malam

I've got the Conjuctivitis. Excellent substitute for Maya Karin Eye double - without the contact lense, and I even have the streaming of tears bit and more thingy (may be irrelevant to the script unless you want to portray the vampire freshly awake) in the corner of my inner eye. Pontianak Sundal Malam, the movie acted by Maya Karin, regarding a female vampire.

I was given medical leave from Wednesday onwards. And I had the package, high fever with sore throat that seemed to go on for ages. I usually have my remedy of honey, lemon ,vitamin C ,ginger and two days tops it'll go back to normal but this time around the thingy came with a vengence. I recovered from fever in just about two days last fortnight, then Qisty had her bouts of fever then I got this, triple of what I got from last fortnight.I threw in everything in the mug fresh ginger, fresh garlic, fresh onion, lemon, honey, aloe vera..nothing worked. Finally on Saturday, no fever but my eyes were still red.

Altho having fever I had to finish the girls' dresses, hoped no one scrutinise the sewing as my eyes sekali sekala went blur.


Added ribbons at the waist, near collar and sleeves.

Sunday, Izan's wedding was spectacular . Mak Buntat is really a good wedding planner. The Hall was beautifully decorated. Lots of Sundal Malams, white frangant lilys, jasmine, roses, daisies, crysanthemums. Izan wore a beautiful dress with a train like the late princes diana. I'll story you about that later, got to catch up with work but let me post photos of of two beautiful daughters.