Monday, June 12, 2006

Saturday and Sunday happenings


Maid wanted to go to to Kuantan to see her brother. Told her off for twice failing to come back on time. Selalu come back on Monday and menyusahkan semua org. Told her if she didn't come back on Sunday, will not allow her to ever go to Kuantan again.

Planned to go skating at Sunway Pyramid with BIL, Shila and family. They picked Kakak and Adik from my parents and went to Ablen's (mimi's bertandang). Dh had to work so stayed with Qisty. Jahit Dahlia's surprise b'day dress. Qisty was bored.. dah lah tu main mama ( moi nose up the sewing machine since 8 am, determined to finish the dress). Abandoned the idea of giving daya the dress, upanya awful giler... Qisty has taken a liking for it tho..yelah tak nampak senget2 jahitan mak dia..I don't know why I keep doing it tho..I 'll get it right.. I hope..( meranapkan a few fabrics on the way)

Dh came back around 5 something and rushed to Sunway Pyramid. There was a construction therefore had to make a u turn and parked at the Masjid and climbed the jejantas with Qisty.
Rushed to Parkson to buy Dahlia a dress hahaha..Daya sure glad I bought the dress rather than sew one. Semua went skating. Adik and kakak had to hold the sides while I entertained qisty who wanted to go in. Finally distracted her by buying her corn in a cup. Later went to Mc Donalds with Lana. Lana asked me about being on diet.. I told her weekend tak diet. Actually I was on the binge for the whole week entah kenapa.. I have this lets gain what you've lost week. I 've got to restart on Monday.

Then suddenly Qisty went missing. Lana and I searched at the playground area of mc D tak ada panik jugak.. suddenly Lana lari. Apparently she was near the car park exit ready to go out. Ish geramnya. I was so angry with her that I scolded her and pinched her a few times. She didn't cry but have this bersalah look on her face. Semua org pandang, anak kena abuse. Panic betul. Thank you so much lana for running after her. Mcmmana she got off tak perasan as we were busy sorting out who is to carry which bags. She was suppose to be in her push chair. Lain kali kena tengok her, lantak pi the bags. How she could have walked that far beats me..I would have thot she'd be at the playground area.. Pandai aje budak ni..

Cooked nasi lemak. Went out to shop for zip. The zip I used for baju-daya-bagi-tina too small. Bought entah apakebende like threads, more storage for my sewing thingys, and another of my favourite instrument- the seam ripper..hahaha..I have to have and extra one, in case the current one goes's the current most used instrument. DH said he wanted to go to Nilai 3, while waiting sewed kakak's almost finished dress from Damansara Perdana class.

At about 6 the maid came back. We went out to Nilai 3 to search for qisty's rocking horse. Jumpa..lah tak payah pi jauh2.. found gorgeous teak four foster bed...I don't know why I have this thing for four posters, and a few things on my want list. I told DH I want to create a sewing corner in the room and want to get a new table. But didn't find any yg boleh fit that particular corner, not that I have the budget for it this month.

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