Thursday, June 15, 2006

Redoing T-tapp and Jessica Simpson

Yesterday, went straight home from office..well I stopped by Petronas, minyak tak ada so decided to try their Primax 3. Wow.. I can feel the difference.. lagi smooth and laju.( I'm not advertising for Petronas, selama ni pun dok guna Esso because it's near and also because I can exchange points for minyak..)
But by the time sampai umah still around half seven, do magrib then did T-tapp Basic plus. ( basic plus is just 20 minutes as opposed to 30-45 minutes I usually do) I'll try to do the basic plus for at least 7 days in a row and the every other day. Plannyalah..

Last night supposed to go to pasar malam but at 9 DH called and said he'd be late.. pukul 9 baru call kalau awal lagi dah makan dah.. Anyway had squid with lettuce plus a bit of sambal bilis.. (can't resist them) Pagi semalam had black berry smoothie, macam masam sikit daripada other berries.

This morning heard on hitz how jessica simpson asked Pamela Anderson How did you guys run so slowly in the show's opening scene. You know, where you're running down the beach?" Anderson, who played the CJ Parker in the long-running series, was rendered speechless, but after an awkward silence, patiently explained: "It was shot in slow motion. I was laughing out loud, I think the drivers around semua ingat something wrong with this woman.

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