Monday, June 19, 2006

Kenduri Arwah

On Saturday after work, I went to Justlife and bought rosa damascena essential oil. Best giler bau dia.. Even tho it's diluted it is still good. Reached home and made perfume oil with it. Mix it with Argan oil and pour it into the empty bottle of camelia oil I bought from rosayfruta. Next pour argan oil plus a bit of myrrh essential oil, frankinese, grapefriut essential oil and the rose for my antiageing serum. Smelled heavenly. Put the rose oil in my liquid soap too. Sampai ampang received a bouquet of roses from Shila. Beautiful bouquet. I must say my birthday this year from head to with rose. Best giler. Rushed to make trifle for tomorrow.

Morning, went down finished the final part of the trifle. Went with mak and adik to buy breakfast. Had tosay and tomato chutney best betul. At about 12, guest started to come for the kenduri arwah of my late aunty. Ok jugak.. as there were cousins I haven't seen in ages, ada a few with even grand daughters/sons. My dad said he has at least a hundred gransons/daughters. It is good that we have the get to gether which we don't get often nowadays since so many have moved away from linggi. Menu was masak lemak cili padi daging salai ( absolutely yummy, my fave), Ikan bakar, sambal mangga, ikan masin, sayur campur. makan semua!! Bila lagi.. then after 30 minutes rushed upstairs to do hoe downs.

I wanted to do basic plus in the evening , tak jumpa bilik free. So I have to add an additional day to it. On saturday I reread this article on hoe downs..

Hoe Downs seem to blast the blues away, as well as increase mental clarity. Many women have also reported that Hoe Downs seem to help control hormonal mood swings often experienced with PMS and menopause. Preliminary testing has also shown that Hoe Downs can effectively drop glucose levels quickly. Test results verified an average drop in glucose from 62 to 85 points upon completion and an average rate up to 100 points at 10 minutes post completion. Talk about a sugar buster! But even though Hoe Downs can help patients with diabetic concerns, they're also great for anyone who wants to burn off excess glucose before it converts to fat.

Met Etty's mum who commented that I've lost weight and look good. Asked me what I did I told her I did fat flush and ate organic whenever I can..
At night, brother amy said, his mum in law always compliment people she meets by saying they look slimmer.. Amy ni mmglah..