Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kakak's and adik's holiday trip and Mimi's wedding


In the morning tried to use my serger or the mesin jahit tepi which I bought eons ago but afraid to try. After dealing with the berbulu2 edges of kain which I actually hand hemmed like the old fashion baju kurung, I thot I have this machine which will make my life easier but why aren't I using it. So I experimented until finally after an hour or more, I got it right.

Kakak and adik packed their bags for a week with atuk and nini's. Dad just came back from Kelantan and bought us caftans, keropoks and the thai mattress thingy which cost around 50 ringgit in Kelantan as opposed to 120 in Yow Chuan.

Showed ida the pattern from the Ato Z ribbon emboidery and wanted to buy more ribbons at Cottage Patch tapi tutup pulak. Went to KLCC, bought two nightgowns for qisty and one each for kakak and adik. DH bought qisty new shoes. Qisty will not wear pyjama to sleep nowadays hence more for her. Speaking of nightgown, I nearly finished hers but I'll give to adik instead. She appreciate more. Next would be finishing kakak's dress which almost done from Damansara Perdana Class and project after, their dresses for Izan's wedding.

Had pizza for dinner to celebrate bro Iji's b'day which will coincide with Amy and My 10th anniversary.


Mimi's wedding. DH, Qisty and I arrived around 1. Kakak, adik and parents came later. Mimi looked radiant. Very beautiful dress she had on. Pictures from izreen's photopages .. izreenii.photopages.com Sigh.. wish I have camera to capture.. DH said I have to wait till July.

Planned to watch MI3 tapi dah tak tunjuk kat wayang. Parents in law at home, cooked kerabu mangga, pais.


Diarrhea- stayed at home..watched episodes 3-8 of the desperate housewife, 13 and one weird b movie on cheerleaders..jadi couch potato for a day.

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