Thursday, June 01, 2006

E filing frenzy.

That time of the year again, where everyone does their income tax filing. Last year I managed to fill the tax form and asked a colleague to put it in the box for me. I got the form back as it was unsigned . This year as they have e filing I thot that it will be easier, I can do it at the comfort of my home/office plus bcoz they extended the date for e-filing. I went to register on the 28th April. The guy who registered for me offered to do it for me then since I have my EA forms with me, I told him I'll do it later as I wanted to study the thing.hehe wanted to get into the last minute frenzy. Last monday I set the alarm in my handphone to remind myself to do it. On Tuesday filled in the form and try to send but nothing happened. No message saying either way. Studied the FAQ and retried a few times but to no avail. Tried again yesterday sama jugak. In the end, saved it into my thumb drive ( thank heavens for thumb drives). printed out a copy, sign and went to LHDN Shah Alam.

I told them my problem and was ushered, along with I think 8 other persons, to the deputy director's room. We waited...after a while they told us the server was down and we could come later. No way I'm coming back at night, I've got to go back to Sepang. We suggested that they just take the soft copy instead and give us a receipt. I understand them having teething problems..Some guy was telling us that amazon usa handled like 20 million transaction a day.
After waiting for two hours, they finally said they'dl take a hard copy and issue out a receipt, I mean we can't wait the whole night waiting for the server to be up. Luckily I have a copy with me..

Then went to Alam Sentral and spent the hours exploring the mall. Sent a baju to the tailor, Bought fabrics for the girls.. hahaha yg kat rumah pun tak berjahit lagi, and a lime green baju moden for kakak, too big for her, I have to do alteration.

Next year I'll file the tax earlier..hahaha

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