Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Diet Challenges

I find it difficult to find food that is reasonably healthy to eat in Malaysia.
1. Nasi Lemak.. Who created this nasi lemak. It is such a delicious food. Coconutmilk rice, coupled with sambal tumis ( combination of santan and sambal tumis ni mmg mengancam, try curry with sambal belacan/tumis..potent combination , air liur pun meleleh.) fried anchovies, fried peanuts and cucumber or the kangkung - for 197 g it has 297 calories.
2. Roti Canai.. Luckily I tak suka this oil laden food. Made from white flour , soaked with oil and fried with oil- for41g ( 1 portion) -122 calories , curry-330g 450 calories well may be 40 g, about 2 tablespoon with roti canai around 60 g you'll have this curry. Dhall curry 153 g 121 calories
3.Bubur nasi- Chicken porridge.595 g 211 calories.
4.Curry puff- white flour with chicken curry filing -wow this small thing is packed with it..246 calories. for one portion.
5.Pisang goreng- Fried banana fritters coated with flour- Once upon a time, when I was in my teens I love this thing.( still do but..1 piece 197 calories. )
6.Jemput Pisang - Banana plus flour and fried made into small balls-1 piece 220 calories baik makan nasi lemak at least kenyang.
7. Capati - I love this thingy tho1 piece 144 calories with curry ( 2 table spoon) 60 cal. Maybe if you make it yourself the cal will be less as it is only made with wholemeal flour and water( dah lama tak buat )

Tu dia.

Blom lunch lagi.. So difficult to get a decent lunch without it being packed with oil- Go to the malay foodstall and there will be a spread of dishes with like 2 inches of oil on it. even vegetable soup. You want to eat salad and you'll like have to pay so much of it when, if you make it it'll cost 1/4 of the price if of course you have t he time.

Have you ever wondered why you consume the same amount of stuff, if not lesser than you did in your teens but you are gaining weight like nobody's business. Here is why accoording to researches.

1. Men/women after age of 35 gain 1 pound of fat due to muscle loss caused by inactivity which cause drop in metabolism.

Muscle decrease, Metabolism decrease fat increase. Increase metabolism fat decrease.

how to increase metablosm:
. Don’t skip meals
Skipping meals causes metabolism to slow down, as the body burns fewer calories to compensate for a reduced food intake. Additionally, eating food helps you to burn calories, since the body uses energy for digestion. Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that the more frequently people ate-that is, the greater the number of eating occasions, the lower the risk for obesity. ( but of course choose the less fat variety)
This is why of course people who diet without exercising gain what they lost and more when they start to eat normally. reduce intake reduce metabolism reduce muscle.
2. Include protein with each meal and snack
Protein can help to keep metabolism at an optimal level, especially on a weight loss diet. Protein sources including fish, poultry, dairy and eggs contain leucine, an amino acid that may play a role in preserving muscle mass during weight loss, which ultimately helps to keep metabolism at full speed. Try to include at least 20 grams of protein with each meal.
3. Try drinking green tea
Research from Switzerland has shown that individuals who consume green tea extract, in combination with caffeine, have a 4% increase in metabolic rate. (Those consuming only caffeine did not experience any change in metabolism). Catechins are chemicals in green tea that are thought to be responsible for changes in metabolism.
4. Start pumping iron
Lifting weights helps to build more muscle mass, and muscle is more metabolically active (burns more calories) than fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn throughout the day, even when you are not exercising.
5. Or do /yoga/bar method/pilates or any other exercise which increase lean and long muscle mass by exhausting the muscle fibers without bulking.
6. Aerobics is good for burning fat but doing it alone will not increase muscle.

There easier said than done. Now to start doing it


Mark said...

Very funny and cute blog. Was looking for a recipe for 'Healthy Jemput2 Pisang' ie baked instead of fried, than chanced upon your blog instead. Congrats for a nice bolg.

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