Saturday, June 17, 2006

Big day

Didn't blog yesterday. Busy layaning the auditors..yeah they are still here. Exercise wise I'm on schedule, makan wise ok except that I still eat sambal ikan bilis, now and then..

Why is today a big day, well I'm a year older. Camtu jugaklah..have to work today as the admin exec scheduled my saturday duty next Saturday, but I promised SIC I'll be work for them for Japanese GT.. Additional pocket money kan.. so I exchanged with a colleague of mine. So far it's been quiet today. I didn't go into my room sebab no air cond on Saturday and Usually sat duties angkat phone aje..better dok luar at the customer service's desk copek sikit. And it is less stuffy luar ni. Rasanya boleh balik cepat today.

I'm thnking of going to the Justlife Organic shop to get the rosa damascena essential oil. I just love it. Tho expensive, it smells heavenly. Getting it today will be cheaper as the store gives an additional 10% discount on b'days. I also have to get the cranberyy juice, nearly finishing mine, and also kalau cukup spirulina..

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