Thursday, June 29, 2006

Belated birthday dinner

On Tuesday DH brought us out for dinner at an English pub in Cyberjaya. Funny 3 years spent in UK, I've never been to a pub, now like 15 years later, ( my god has it been like 15 years since, well not exactly, went there in 1998 for a few days), went to an English pub in Cyberjaya. We had tenderloin. DH was dissapointed that they didn't have T- bone.last time he'd go there he said..mine too judging on the saltiness of the thingy. It was reasonably priced compared to San francisco steakhouse, i first thot tapi upanya comelnya steak dia. I prefer San francisco Steakhouse. The steak at the Pub was extra salty, the brown sauce was salty and so was the french fries. Could feel my stomach bloat.

Read in the Star today that they banned paper plane in a school in uk. Kelakar.. takut masuk mata katanya..papers must be extra sharp.

Foodwise I have improved since the weekend in Sepang, where I had three days of nasi lemak sponsored by dear Mashita. I made sure I woke up early to do T-tapp every morning. I've decided to stop tapping for two days and restart again tomorrow..just give the body a rest as I was constantly sleepy for the past few days. Today I feel ok.

Yesterday I overate Almonds, u just can't stop munching the thingy. And started to feel the cylone in the body and the migraine 'aura'. Went out and bought honey ginger, halia sira with gula. Sedap. Then went burping all evening. Great !!
Here's a few facts about ginger:

1. Prevent vomiting.
2.Prevent migraine- I can vouch to this.
3. fight off colds and discharge mucus and help boost immune system- I can vouch to this.. Last few years I have been drinking ginger tea every day and when the whole family had flu, I did not get it at all.
4.scientists discovered that ginger's antibiotic qualities killed the salmonella bug in test-tube trials
5.tonic for digestive disorders and the female reproductive system
6.ginger has an effect on blood clots that is similar to that of aspirin.