Friday, June 09, 2006

8th June - Date for birthdays and anniversaries

So fixated was I with my anniversary, I forgot to wish Iji, the second in the family, who turned thirty five yesterday. Happy Birthday Iji!! And also it is my brother Amy, (the fourth and youngest and Etty's 4th anniversary). 8th June is really a popular date in our family. Iji always say that his b'day is eclipse by our anniversaries. Sorrylah iji. I actually sms him at 9 last night.

DH planned to take me to see Da vincci Code last night, but I was reluctant, yelah 2 hours plus movie and the next day have to go to work. So we went to San Francisco Steakhouse instead with Qisty.

Let me tell you about our first date. We went to Bangsar Shopping centre, Restoran Rasa Utara. I had my contact lenses on and my eyes was watery. Dh said I winked at him and that did it. From that day on, he came down all the way from Johor every Friday and went back on Sunday night until the day we married. Tu dia.. I pun terkejut.

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