Thursday, June 08, 2006

10th Anniversary

I can't believe we've been married for 10 years. Let me story you our courtship..yelah sempena anniversary nikan.

We met through Shila and mak buntat's effort. Of course I have met Epi, BIL, whenI was in UK. I always had some minor diagreement with him on little things like Natwest business hours and the Southern line of the underground.. both occasion I was right as I went banking at Nat west at the time he said it closed and I always use the Southern line to see my friend zi but Epi tak nak mengaku salah.

I even met Daus there, Shila said said he had chicken pox and Epi sd no, it turned out shila was right.

At the time my mum was worried dok menjaja to everyone she met to find me a boyfriend, punyalah malu macam tak laku.. Aunty Leha match makekan I with this 31 yr old guy, muka boleh tahan, he called and we met at Pizza Hut. On the phone he putihkan, as if, even if I was ugly, if I was fair somehow it'll be bearable..ade ke.. Yucks..

Anyway, he was intimidated that I was a manager ( tak tau ke company comel), and an accountant. His background was advertising. Paling I tak suka mamat yg tak ada self-confidencei. The next morning, he brought me to see his family. Dekat betul rumah dia, dekat Jalan Kolam Air lama belakang SPCA aje. Alamak..Must have succumbed to my charms..but it was way too fast for me. After that we met a few times. I was busy at the time, new job and also the accounts was messy so I had to work on public holidays even, so I had to decline a few dates ..dia marah .. he said my work is much more important than him..Lepas tu.. Sorrylah... Nobody can control my life like that..dahlah tak ada apa2, So I ended it. He wanted the photograph back, eh(?) apparently he has given a photograph to aunty Leha which I have never seen.

After that I met this Internal audit guy, ( whose colleague I met recently at Mimi's wedding, aunty Rokiah's sedara), who seemed interested but punyalah penyegan nak talipon. After coming to my parents house lagilah..( I had two other guys who backed out after coming to our house-who thot our house was big). Always I had to be the one making the calls. At the time Epa and I dated, I stopped calling him, fed up dah, taulah partner of an accounting firm, takkan tak boleh spare time. When I gave him the wedding invitation, one of his ex colleague came down from MISC, told me he was really crushed. Too badlah kan, sampai bila nak jadi macam tukul and pahat.

Dates with Epa(DH), let me tell you honestly, boring giler..Sorry sayang!! The first question he would ask, never fail is, Siapa ada kat rumah. After a few dates rasa macam nak jerit kat dia. I heard Uncle Mail lent DH, shirts to wear and even iron them Thank you uncle Mail. Once he smelled lika mak buntat..sebab silap ambik perfume..hahaha. Masa tu jugak I dapat chocolates and roses, sekarang tak ada lagi..

The first time I heard his voice, I thot he sounded like Epi..nak ke I jumpa, would he be as obnoxious as Epi was. When I met him..lah..compact version of Epi. Tho lacking charms he managed to capture my heart.

Through the 10 years I must say I was happy. Although material wise, anniversary pressie tak pernah dapat (only jewellery wedding ring and engagement ring) he surprised me in different ways. Thank you sayang!! (sorry kalau korang rasa macam nak muntah)..

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