Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weight loss Journey

Bought a cake for Qisty on Tuesday and as I was near the Mamak's, bought Tandoori for dinner and roti canai for the kids. Called Dh several times for the candle blowing and cake cutting but he was too deeply absorbed with the computer. He faced it at work and at home. I'd have to turn into a computer to get attention. Anyway we cut the cake without waiting for him as the candles were beginning to melt. Qisty did not finish the cake but finished the roti canai. Adik had second helping of the cake but left out a bit and declared she'd vomit if she ate more but happily ate the roti canai. Lana came over with a friend had dinner and was entertained by Qisty.

Yesterday, the internal auditor came, hence no time for blogging. At night we brought Lana to Aunty Aini's for dinner, where I blew my diet, 1st time in a month I ate rice for dinner. It was the masak lemak cili padi daging salai that did it. I did say I have weakness for it. Anyway my diet journey has been good. The first week that I followed (close to the program) I lost 2 kilos. The following weeks the loss was not so good as I included nasi lemak for Sundays and a a favourite food on Saturdays but no rice during dinner. Four weeks and I've lost like 4.5 kilos. I thought I'd rather lose a bit and stay to the diet rather than lose a lot and then lose interest because of the rigidity of it. Exercisewise I have been ok 3 days of Bar Method and 2 days of T-tapp a week plus cardio in the form of either belly dancing or rebounding. Except this week I started exercising yesterday absorbed was I with Qisty's potato sack dress. I dont know why is it that I find it easier to exercise during weekdays with coming home late and preparing dinner than weekend when I have like a whole day. I'd be a couch potato during weekends..curl up with a book and catch up with the zzz espeacially after lunch. Mmm. This weekend, Saturday would be the combine b'day party of sis, Tisha, Tina and mum. Sunday will be Lana's engagement.