Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Teacher's Day

Yeah the day when we have to get our kid's teachers presents. I spent the whole of lunch time yesterday looking for a present for a colleague who is leaving and looking for cheap presents for my daughters' teachers. I don't remember giving anything to my teachers ( my mum lagilah tak bother, she was a teacher), and I don't remember celebrating teacher's day at all. Have I forgotten, having left school eons ago? I glanced at today's Star and CBN celebrated teacher's day yesterday at PWTC. Mmm I would remember a day not doing anything. What I remember in CBN was the Everybody's Day, where everybody get to do their own thing on the stage. Now that's a different story. What I remember about MRSM S'ban was the constant revision.

Speaking of teachers. I especially remember Puan Rosnani, my physics teacher, who always bullied me. Well looking back, it for my own good actually bcoz I looked forward to her classes for the wrong reasons and may be she noticed. It was in her class that I had my first real big crush with the guy in the next class. She loved to ask me questions, anticipating that I would not be able to answer them. She said I got the lowest marks in class and when she checked it was not me, there was at least three other persons having lower than I. She'd ask me if I understand, when I said yes she'd ask me to relate to the whole class what I understand and if I don't she'd still want me to relate to the whole class what I didn't understand. Grr. You must understand the environment in that MRSM was different. Before MRSM, my schooling days was with girls. Convent Seremban, then SIGS Johor, then Convent Bukit Nanas. So after like 9 years in girls school and suddenly to a co ed boarding school..There were unwritten rules to be observed. Girls cannot talk to boys and if they did, they'd be teased. I remember asking a classmate a question and suddenly, the whole class like teased us. Eh? But I did have platonic boyfriends during the time, or so I thought, because apparently one of them had different idea. One, I was close to because Shila likes him and the other was friendly.

Looking back.. although at the time, I was really irritated with Puan Rosnani, I wouldn't have gotten the result that I got if she had not do what she did, what with my head always in the clouds at that time. At the time I even wanted to teach her daughter the way she taught me to get back at her.

My mum was a teacher and so was my Dad at one time, My Dh is a teacher( lecturer), My BIL is a professor, My parents in law are teachers. Happy teachers day to all the teachers in the world..

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