Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My weekend ( very original title)

Now how did I spend my last weekend?

Friday Happy Birthday Tisha. 12/5
Morning went to buy frozen food and santan for the cili padi rendang I planned to cook. Had to hurry as Shila, BIL and kids plus Nor(SIL) , husband and kids were coming over at around 10. Shila called to say she'd be late, and Nor came juat when I got back from shopping and yes..DH did his disappearing trick. He'd always do that when we are ready to go somewhere. While waiting for him jerang the rendang then off to Nilai Spring. I couldn't swim, it was my second day, which would be the heaviest. It was very hot and the kids had to venture into the slightly deep pool as it was shaded, but of course the slide beckoned and later they went there. We came back at around 1, slightly tanned, as the fathers would have to go for their Friday prayer. Just then Shila, BIL and kids arrived. Made the kerabu mangga and as soon as the fathers came back from prayers, we ate lunch. Foods served..kerabu mangga, rendang cili padi, terubuk bakar, soup tulang, ayam pandan, sambal mangga and ikan masin. Had them all..hehehe.. there goes my diet. The ayam pandan ( bought frozen) was very good. Then nap time for the fathers, while the mothers watched exercise DVD, t-tapp, bar method and later on belly dance..while the kids belly danced.

Around five, we went to Nilai Spring to bowl but apparently DH had a different agenda..he wanted to play tennis, Shila and I protested but they won. The kids will swim..he said..where are the suit I asked.. he brought them...hmmm so this change of plan was planned..
I wouldn't mind minding the kids in the pool if I can swim, but on that day both shila and I were indisposed. And qisty was really naugty. Everytime I turned my back, she wanted to jump into the adult pool. She even tried to go through the bar in between the pools. Nor's kid was good tho. She just sit next to her mom in the water.

We went back for maghrib prayers and off to Bagan Lalang for ikan bakar, kerang rebus, sotong. It was very good. Shila and family slept over.

On Saturday, Reheated frozen roti canai and cooked waffles for the kids. Shila and I finally got to go to Nilai Square to shop. Bought baju kurung for Qisty and dahlia, ordered the same pattern for rest of kids. After magrib went to Ampang.

Dad who just came back from New Zealand brought back chocolate, fruits, manuka honey and 2 big tubs of evening primrose oil. I got the lipsticks from Living Nature that I wanted and a T- shirt.

Sunday. Went out to buy nasi lemak but the nasi lemak lady that we liked was not there so I volunteered to make them. After breakfast waited for Tisha and sis in law and went to Toys r us to get presents for Tisha and Tina. Bought Tina a pop up country house and Tisha a fairy house from Mermaidia. I suggested that my brother buy the Ellina doll from Mermaidia for Qisty and when we got home, Qisty said her present was only Ellina the house is not hers..ek eleh..
Bought mum a multicoloured crystal bracelet for mother's day. Kakak got a colour set and playdoh for get- number- 5- present. Went back home around 6pm.