Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My kids

People have different characters. I don't have to look far, look at my kids.

Kakak is soft, responsible and so lah like kakak. She's one sister I would like to have. Of course sometimes she does get exasperated with her sisters but most of the time she is so sweet to her sisters. Her sisters will go to her for comfort when scolded by dad or mom. And when I had tina, adik turned to her for friendship and love. She loves fish, my maid said she'd have to marry a fisherman(?), but dislikes spicy food and loves the white part of hard boiled eggs. Kakak loves books. She'll be nine in july.

Adik is demure and she loves dressing up. I love dressing her up. I would buy her earings, bracelets and necklaces and she 'd wear them all ( kakak will wear a while and then when reached home she'll take it off) , once I gave her a watch, she'd even wear them when she bathed. Character wise she's a bit wingy and tend to cry easily when critisized and always think she's right. She loves curry so much that once we call her currymina. She also love masak lemak cili padi and egg yolk. Adik turned six last month.

Tina, well tina is all pipi. Put your nose to her cheeks and you can't breathe. She was the smallest born baby of the three and we called her Thumberlina, now we call her Tembamlina. Kakak said she smells like cheese. She loves to dance and sing and pantang tengok stage. Once at Noni's wedding, there were a few tables covered with white papers, she insisted going up the tables to dance. Her gelek is so good. She'll be three this month. Tina is stubborn, typical of May babies. She sleeps late, always later than mama, ..Mama sleep ok..she'd say every night. She loves milk, ikan bilis, breaded chicken, soup and omellete. She never fail to make me laugh.

There.. three girls. Once when I was pregnant with Tina and we found out that she will be a girl, kakak asked me..why can't I have a brother now, I told her so we'd have power puff girls/ fazidin's angels.. My doctor said I still can try for another (mine are all ceassarian) but solah malas to get pregnant again..1st 3 months of morning sickness, then last 3 months of backache..

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