Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Qisty.

Qisty is three today. When asked how old is she, she'll show three but with both hands. Lately she is very particular about what she'll wear . We have problem especially at night. She refused to wear pyjamas or anything with trousers. As she has limited nightgowns, we'd pacify her by letting her wear her sisters' t-shirt night gown/ caftan. I went to Nilai Square determined to make her a night gown, how..well I'll try. I bought her a few caftans and a nightgown ( spent like almost three hours..whylah org tak jual..

I tried to make the nightgown using the pattern easiest Yoke dress by ginger snaps. Luckily I have a bit of basic from Damansara Perdana classes although the instruction was quite good. Measuring Qisty is another matter, she refused to stand. So I had to measure her when she's lying down. And when I constructed the skirt and wanted her to try she refused. Adik was willing so she became the model. I've yet to decide whether I should give to her or adik. May be when it's ready. or may be she knows it will look like potato sack. Well I have to practice right. I've bought two more fabrics so adik and kakak will be my next victim. Now if I could just master how to do the sleeve...

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