Friday, May 26, 2006

Exasperating DH

This morning I woke up late and had to rush to send kakak to school, she has to be there before 7.30 or she'll have to stand in front of the whole assembly..stupid school..carilah different punishment.. anyway, I always feel stressed out in the mornings because of this. therefore I had to abandon the idea of making breakfast and lunch then. Sent them off to school and came back to prepare for breakfast , lunch and snack to bring to work. Made the cranwater , put egg in a pan of water to boil, make the raspberry smoothie, make the IGG plus for DH and rushed up to wake him up.

He drank the milk, went down to make his nescafe. I told him that he has to wait at least half an hour then drink the nescafe as the thing wouldn't work. With IGG plus you have to use room temperature water and plastic spoon. And he has to spoil it by drinking the hot nescafe.

Why the fuss you ask? Well he has been coughing for quite sometime and it was really loud, hard and sounded scary. ( he told me me that he thot, he has problem in the toilet, pulled a nerve probably, as result of coughing too hard. Naturally I am quite concerned and also because I have problem sleeping hearing him cough, (being a light sleeper). I rarely get cough or runny nose as I always either drink hot lemon, take honey or echinesea, or drown ginger tea on the on set of flu. For my kids when they do get them I'd burn essential oil in their room and give the IGG plus ( to boost their antibody). So I try to get Dh to take this thing.. but..sometimes I feel lantaklah..Like I ask him to stop smoking for a while until the cough stops..deaf ears..

Last year he warded as he had difficulty breathing, lying down. Stopped smoking for a while now he's back puffing the same amount of cigarette as before. With a scare like that, he still goes on smoking..what..he 'd stop when he can't breathe sitting up?

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