Thursday, May 18, 2006


I don't know why I have this fascination for making dresses or bajus and embellishments on dresses. I feel I just want to sew.I have bought books on sewing for beginners, for dummies, on ribbon emboidery, beading, smocking, bullions, patterns for dresses from US and list goes on. Looking back my sewing skills has never been good. During Primary school my sewing projects were either not finished or among the worst in the class (typical of gemini not finishing anything) but typically of gemini.. I love challenges. Why is this one skill I can't master.

I have ventured in cross stiches..never finish them.. Knitting..(Shila should remember this, we went the class at the Mall together). After SPM I enrolled into sewing class somewhere in Chow Kit Road and dragged my mum along too. Having no experience with the machine, (come to think of it why didn't the teacher let me practice with the machine first), I always sew out of line and had to unpick. This went on until she sew it., I think she probably sewed the whole dress ..hehehe. Then I had to go to Kuantan for English course in preparation for A levels. Mum continued with the class.

My sister and I wanted to enroll the course which Bernard Chandran took, we have already registered but abandoned the idea as we found it too expensive.My sister and I had planned to open a little girls boutique.. I even have a name for it. But of course..first I need to know how to sew. We went to Damansara Perdana to learn. Imagine travelling from Sepang to Damansara Perdana. I had no car at the time and had to rely on either Ida or DH. WE almost finished one baju and I quit. Travelling to Damansara Perdana was no go for me.. too far and I had to impose on DH or Ida's time.

Next my friends and I planned to go to Olak Lempit ( not so far from my home) for classes. But the class has moved but we managed to find a tailor who is willing to teach us. But till now we couldn't agree on the time.

I browsed through internets, magazines for classes. Found one in middle of KL, I know I'll never finish it as it will be too far. Found one in Puchong, was tempted with the idea and even told my brother and sister last week that last Saturday I'd start the class and not to plan for that Saturday but still can't make to the class. I surfed the net again and found a distance class.. with a certificate. Sounds good at least I don't have to drive anywhere. Cost around 700USD but I can pay like 20USD per month installment interest free. Sound OK. Then I found videos or DVD on how to sew.. That is all right at least I can rewind them when I can't get certain instructions. Reviews were good too.

This is what I gathered from going to classes.It is good to go to an actual class where they have notes or you can make notes and a proper schedule way of teaching rather than sew this and let you be. I found the lesson in Chow Kit not proper, in the sense they don't actually teach you the basic, just as long as you finish a dress , the same with Damansara Perdana class. I have bought DVD and am seriously considering enrolling to the distance learning course. Let's hope I can make proper dresses at least for my kids in time for raya.


Jash said...

Hi! I really would like to know where you learnt sewing in damansara perdana area..please email me at Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)

Freda said...

Salam.. Where exactly is d sewing class in damansara perdana ? Pls let me know. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi what was this school in Damansara Perdana where you learnt to sew? can you tell me at

XY said...


could you email me the details on the sewing classes that you have found and attended?
How bout the one in puchong, if you have the details could you give me as well.
Thanks for the help.
my email.

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