Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Don't feel well yesterday and today. Driving back from work I was really really sleepy. Did not do any exercise at all as too tired, (I have to do Bar Method today tho). Tertidur pulak tu.. after browsing IKEA catalogue. After dinner did my children's nail and taught kakak how to do cross stich. It looked ok, don't look behind, well I had to teach her how to get the basics right.

This morning had a really had time keeping my eyes open, it was raining heavily. As it was school holiday, I was able to wake up later than usual and prepared breakfast( blue berry smoothie) and lunch (Prawn Tomyam). Thot of doing rebounding but it was late so scrapped the idea.

On the way to work felt like nodding off until I heard from Hitz FM that they are planning to build Disneyland in Johor. Can we move to Johor? I always thot they should have done in Sepang next to the F1 circuit so that the father can go to watch F1 and the mum and kids can go to Disneyland. Actually I always thot they should have build Disneyland in Sepang rather than the circuit. At least you have people coming all year round rather than once a year but of course Malaysia get more recognition when they built the circuit.

We planned to go to Hong Kong disneyland in December but last Saturday, brother Amy said if we go in September he might join us. He originally planned to go to Gold Coast, 2nd trip, but would consider Hongkong. Sister Ida said she'll join us too and shelve her plan to go to the UK. All of course depends on DH and his project.

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