Friday, May 19, 2006

Cat Lover? Not.

I hate cats. I will change my virtual pet to something else. Why hate cats? I used to be a cat lover. My parents used to have like so many cats and I think at a time we had around 20 plus. Yes our house reeked of it.

I remember our first cat, Pancho ( from the chips tv programme). He was a mixed persian and we got it from uncle/abang atai. I loved that cat. We had him and then found another siamese cat called chiki ( of Cumi and Ciki). Ciki mati kejang don't ask me how, we found him the next morning. Chiki was an intelligent cat. Toilet trained even. He'd go to the toilet and do his business there. I think having one or two cats is ok but when you have many mana ada qualitynya. When we had Pancho, he was the cat in the house. We lost him once in Jelebu and found him sick. He went through I think three operations in his lifetime. My sister used to bring him in our room to sleep on her bed but felt irked the next morning when found Pancho in my bed.

One day when I was at MRSM S'ban I felt like I had to see Pancho ( never felt the need before)and phoned my mum. My mum told me he has just had his operation and dying. I cried that day and went back the weekend. I went straight to the clinic and found him struggling to breathe. I called him and he tried to meow..Then he was gone..

My Dad refused to take other cats after that. But my mum, sister and I pooled and bought a persion cat from Aunty Zaharah and Arwah uncle Jamaluddin. We called him Linda ( Dad named her) as in Linda Grey from Dallas. LInda was the mother , grandmother of all the 20 odd, probably more cats that we had. We wanted to mate her with my mum's friend's persian cat. But she wasn't interested.. the male cat was so lah lazy. She was more interested in the cat outside and one day the window was opened.. A few months later we got kittens exactly the same colour as the cat outside.

From Linda we had Tyson and Louie ( My dad either name them after Tv stars or tennis players, atheletes), then Isabella, Annabelle ( who was kidnapped), Flo Jo, Agassi, Becker, Jon, Steffi Graf, Hingis, Goran, Sabatini, Sanchez, Monica seles.. I can't remember them all. Sometimes when we go to the vet, my sibs and I would pretend its name is Tompok or Blackie, embarrased to say the actual name of the cats. Our father would find out and marah.

Then why do I hate cats? Eversince I move to our Sepang house our front cat is the jamban for the next door neighbours cats. Whenever I caught their cats I will hose the cats out not caring whether the owner is nearby . Hey.. bela kucing jagalah berak kuching. My other neighbours apparently had the same problem. One of them actually throw one cat out..Emmm..

I've tried to find ways not to let the cats do their thing there..I 've put clorox..surfed the net and found out that lemon/orange scented thing, cats don't like..but to no avail. And today dah lenyek dah..I don't mind if it is my cat WHAT IRKS ME IT IS SOMEONE ELSES!!! May be I should throw their cats one by one.. Only solution I can think of..

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