Monday, May 29, 2006

Birthdays celebration and Lana's engagement

Went to Chili's KLCC to celebrate Ida's, Tisya's Qisty's and mum's b'days. Have gotten the birthday kids pressie but not the org tuas. I have gotten my bday pressie from mum, very early considering her b'day is tomorrow and mine's in June.Bought three books from Kinokuniya my favourite bookstore. A book on soap making that I've been meaning to get from Amazon, nasib baik ada I checked with mph tak ada, a book on Ribbon Embroidery and and Inspiration magazine. Went to Toysr us to search for Tina's rocking horse, DH planned to buy tapi tak ada. I bought two 5 metres Thai silk low grade fabric, want to make the kid's dresses with them.. should have bought kakak's kain as well.

Went back to my mum's so that the kids can play. Tisya missed Qisty and Afiq missed kakak and turned atuk and nini's house upside down. Later evening went to Ampang Point to get Qisty's bottle teats. Dah ternampak the salt crystal lamp and quite reasonably priced, so far at Alamanda and Summit I saw ~ twice the price. Bought two. Bought ingredient for trifle from Giant. Balik Sepang around 10, and rush to the kitchen to do the trifle..susu just bought from Giant basi so had to use powdered milk instead.

Woke the girls and Dh up around 7. Prepared the Jelly for the trifle and rushed to Mak zah's. Minyak tak ada so kena pi Esso . Minyak Esso pun habis and had to drive all the way to Taman Tun with nearing empty tank. Reached at mak zah 20 minutes passed the agreed time. Mak Buntat's family, parents in law were there plus they've already started the yasin.

Lana looked so lovely. Her dress is so lah cantik..Very nice coulour- pink lilac. House was done up nicely.

Mak mas lost 8 kilos, wow.

Went to One Utama in search for Tina's rocking horse. Saw rocking fish, horse that Qisty thot looked like a dinosaur etc. Bought Kakak and Tina dresses. Bought coconut oli for the sabun. Went to Ikea and the Curve cari rocking horse lagi.. Tak jumpa. Came back around 9, parents in law and Ati dah lama sampai. Went to Bagan around 10. Camillia and I was really sleepy by then. Nasib baik today cuti sekolah.. Did not bother pack food for lunch. Too tired to wake up early..

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